Redang Trip June 2010

To all our dearest fans of the NUS Cross country team, I would like to apologise for my late entry. I’ve been meaning to write but have been busy with school and ninja warrior training.

On the evening of 3rd June, our cross country team embarked on a 11hr bus/ ferry journey to Pulau Redang Malaysia for a short 3D2N beach vacation. It was a special trip for me and I have many fond memories of the island and our wonderful teammates.

Our well prepared girls with soft toys, pillows

Getting to Redang was a marathon but we had fun chit chatting till the bus driver scolded us. Oops.

At every pit-stop along the way, we searched for Malaysia’s legendary Ramly burger. The succulent beef patty and special sauce left a certain zing in our mouths. I guess all of us have made the general observation that Eric never stops eating. As Val says, Eric should have a facebook album entitled “Eric eating!”

This was the first overnight bus I have taken and I felt like a penguin in the arctic. It was real cold at night especially since it rained. I resorted to wrapping my entire head in my NUS jacket. I preferred suffocating to getting frozen.

Calvin and Jun Kai frozen in their sleep

When we finally reached Merang Jetty to take our ferry, we finally met up with sexy boys ee ghim ( in his Jason mraz straw hat) and Norman who took a separate bus. The girls bought all sorts of fancy hats while Eric tried to work his magic on Mei Hui by offering her sweet coconut drink. Madan meanwhile got jealous with Eric’s sneaky ways. For more juicy info: see facebook!

The breezy ferry ride to Redang Island was super cool but I almost got a heart attack whenever Azrul tried to stick his legs out of the ferry for one of his cool “photo shots”. When the island came into view, we all went “woah”. The clear blue waters and lush greenery took our breath away. Calvin couldn’t help but go snap snap on his DSLR.

Val posing at our Redang Bay Resort

The Redang Bay Resort that we checked into was a simple chalet with really good air conditioning. The tea breaks of curry puffs and cakes were really yummy. We started our beach activities with volleyball and a really violent and energetic game of captain’s ball. Looking at our girls, I felt certain that they could earn millions of dollars in America’s NFL. They make good strong tackles, they’re blood thirsty and they have 140dB war cries/ screams.

Our first snorkelling trip was a bit messy since the ferries were overloaded and we could only swim within a certain marked out area. The second trip to the marine park was much better and we were armed with ammunition of fishfood/bread. With the fishes swarming around us, Ee Ghim was determined to catch a fish with his bare hands and have a sashimi feast. Siew Min is right, ghim ghim is really quite sadistic haha. The lucky and enthu snorkelers like Tricia and Madan managed to catch the giant grouper Stevie as well as the giant mockeray eel.

Siew Min too scared to open her eyes!

When the ferry brought us back, Azrul and ee Ghim led the way and leapt into the water from the 2nd deck (2 storeys high). We took turns to jump off the ferry. Some of the girls hesitated but they all courageously took the plunge like the true cross-country warriors they are. Trip CEO Nick Tey chickened out at the last min with Azrul and Ee ghim trying to grab him and dump him down. He clung on the ferry’s handrails for dear life. Since he was so cute, we let him off.

On the second day, we started our day with an easy run around the island. We laboured in the loose sand and explored the island. After breakfast, we also tried jungle trekking with tour guide Alan. Without backpacks like Datuk, the trekking was really light and easy. Ee Ghim and Eric talked kok all the way with Sarah Lim going “oh” all the way believing all their nonsense about mammalian penguins. At the end of the trail, we found a nice scenic and secluded stretch of beach. We took lots of photos while Azrul honed his ninja warrior skills jumping here and there. Zhenghong took the chance to show of his pebble-skipping skills. His world record stands at 6 skips.

Sa-one stands tall as central defender

We had beach soccer/World Cup in Redang in the afternoon. With Valentino and Nicotino leading the line, they clinched to world cup from Azrul’s team. It was an amazing performance from the guys and girls who showed an abundance of samba skill and shrieking (Zakiyah is world champion!) Ee Ghim’s commentary left everyone on their sides in peals of laughter with wise-cracks like how the amazing Val blocked 2 shots with her “stick thin figure”. LOL.

Music Lovers enjoying the live band

I guess one can’t visit Redang without mentioning the vibrant night life. On our first night, we visited the live band. I really enjoyed the music. We had classic hits like “lang hua yi duo duo” as well as pop chart-toppers like the wondergirls’ “nobody but you”. Eric, Madan and Nick went for a massage at the nearby resort. While Eric and Madan left after an hour, Nick decided to pay extra for extra services. According to Eric, he heard Nick’s whoops of delight. Pratapazzi Seng was unable to verify the accuracy of Eric’s report.

Back at our resort, the disco was just starting and they were blasting some cool R & B numbers. Val went into dancer mode and soon most of us were dancing at the little beach pub. The boring medical students on the other hand went to bed.

Dancing queens VS the pogo stick

The second night, everyone went crazy and we had a ball of time grooving to the beat at the same beach pub. We put on our glow sticks and the girls had on the prettiest dresses. I have to say in all my life, I’ve never something as amazing as Nick’s break-dancing. I attempted to dance but ended up like a really stiff hopping pogo stick.

Birthday surprise for calvin and valerie

The highlight of the night had to be Val and Calvin’s surprise birthday party. The deejay made them stand on 2 platforms while we brought in the cake. It was crazy fun and we danced the night away while Jun Kai smashed cake in the birthday boy’s face.

Our final night in Redang was filled with laughter, fun and games. Sarah Lim amazed us with her blurness and many forfeits. Kinky boys Ee Ghim and Calvin also had a close shave in bed with Calvin mistaking Ghim for a really nice, warm bolster. LOL. In the end, many of us didn’t catch a wink of sleep choosing to catch the sun-rise.

I’ve always treasured the trips that we’ve been able to go together as a team and Redang will always have a special place in my heart. It wasn’t the beautiful beach or fantastic music and pubs that lifted my spirit. It was the laughter we shared, the crazy stunts we did together that made all the difference. Here I would like to make a tribute to the special 20 who made this trip such a memorable one for me.

United in spirit, bound by love and friendship. NUS Cross Country =)

Eric,Val, Ee Ghim, Fabian, Alvin, Norman, Siew Min, Zakiyah, Meihui, Zhenghong, Sa-one and Sa-2

Tricia, Chun Kai, Nick (our beloved CEO), Azrul, Calvin, Madan, Cai Sang




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