The Team: A New Team manager’s perspective

It is the time of the season where the new academic year is about to start. It will mean back to school for the seniors and the new inflow of freshmen in August.Being the newly appointed team manager for the upcoming year, i hope i can share some perspective of the team here.

Looking back at my time in the team so far, i think it has been a great team being built up by our predecessors. A vision by a senior in 2005 started this team and with the hard work put in since has brought us this far. It has grown in every sense of the word, from the number of people( about 30 regulars come down) to the diversity of the people(exchange students and locals). Now, even coporate organisations such as Sony are looking at us. Once again, a big thank you to our predecessors and all members of the team, past and present, for all the hard work, dedication and committement that you have put in.

I believe when people, prospective freshmen and running enthusiast hear the name “cross country”, you might feel scared because of the competitive nature  and even maybe you have been competing during your school days and you think it’s too much to do it again in NUS. Such thoughts are not surprising, as i was in your position before deciding to join the team.

As the new team manager, i hope this post can help adjust some of your thinking and perception of the team.

True indeed, we do go out there and compete and represent NUS in various competitions. You may begin to wonder, how come this team can still grow, even this is a competitive team? I personally feel is the philosophy of the team: More than runners, we are a family. We focus more than just the competition side of things. We also focus on relationships and I believe that strong relationships out of true friendship between people make a team strong. This team are made of people who are fun, friendly and nice. More than that, this team cares for people (one of the main reasons why i wanna serve the team and have stayed in this team since i 1st joined).  More than training hard together as a team to improve ourselves, we also have fun together ( in the recent article on the Redang trip) and grow together.

So if you have interest in running and wanna be part in a fun n loving running community, don’t be afraid to join us!=)

For the rest of us, as seniors, i personally hope that we have enjoyed each other’s company over the past year. Let us keep this culture of the team being a family. A lot of us are staying in this team, i feel, is more than for the training, but about the people, the bonds and friendships forged.

Beyond all the activities and programmes that the team that has in store, it’s really about the people in the team. Phil Pringle once said this before, people establish people. A team without people is not one anymore and i personally feel it is the people and the relationship that each of us have with one another keep this team going.  As partakers of this team, let us keep this team together, have fun and train together!

I hope, as the team manager, with the current team leadership, we can be of service to the team and bring this team to greater heights. I am looking forward to the new season and hoping to make strides with life and running, with this WONDERFUL team. Once again, i thank you and it has been a pleasure and honour to serve one and all.

Cheers and have a great year ahead!

With love,

Nic Tey


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