Laguna Phuket International Marathon: Of Mummy’s love shared with the team!!! :D

Laguna Phuket International Marathon 2010
Sun, 14 June, 4.30am

It started when I first came back from UK and met up with the team. I was feeling upset that I haven’t got a place in Adidas Sundown Marathon 2010. Then by some chance, when talking to Roy, I found out about Phuket Marathon. Since I wanted to do a mid-year marathon, I signed myself up for the full. Amidst the training for this marathon, I started asking myself whether I made the right decision. Then people around started telling me how darn challegnging the course would be. YIKES!! I went all the time until the very day I landed myself at the start line in Phuket at 4.30am with my dearest Mummy.

Pre-Race Experience

Uber yummy and great food. Full tummy as Mummy kept trying to feed me. =.='''

Prior to the race, my mummy and I went around for some SUPER SHIOK Thai massages, food, the race course inspection and then the collection of our race packs. We had such great meals as Mummy seemed so desperate to feed me up. She was afraid I might lose weight again from the marathon. =X

Giving her shot at the 10.5km!!! 1h45min!!! I'm sooo proud of her!

Mummy was as proud of my participation in this marathon as she was in her first presence at my race. As fully supportive as she was, I was too of her very first race in the 10.5km category. Granted she wasn’t the fastest Mummy around, but she is one supportive, loving and dedicated Mummy!!!

Race Day

Here's a glimpse of my Mummy's moves. For more, go to my album on FB. 😀 Cute right?

Mummy woke up with me at 2.30am in the morning just to get ready for my race at 4.30am. That I have to thank her sooo much for because her race started only at 6.30am and I did insist that she slept in until closer to her race time. But she insisted that she wanted to watch me start my race. :)) So there we were from 2.30am, dressing up, preparing, slapping on vaseline, sunblock, getting ready my race gears, sunnies, etc. By 4am, we got to the starting area, where I started my warm-up. Mummy was super cute! After my race started, she did 2++ hours of wushu (she is currently learning this Ba1 Gua4 Zhang3)  practise while waiting for her race to start.

And so that was it. As the horn went at 4.30am, the race flagged off. Starting off the race at a comfortable pace, I looked at my watch at 1km, it read 5:01. Then the next 3km at the exact same pace. Then I started to feel, this can’t go on forever. I had aimed for a sub-4 hour marathon and I was going to fast. So I told myself, relax, and just go at a comfortable pace. Next km was at 5:05, 5:13, 5:06, 4:56, 5:31, 5:07, which left my first 10km split reading 51:06.

Then I realised it will be quite painful to split my timing 42 times! HAHAHA! So I resolved to spliting my timing for every 5km the next few times. So the next 5kms were 26:16 and 27:02, with the next km at 5:08. This gives me a 1:49:33 at 21km. At this point in time, there are no words that can explain my euphoria! At this marathon pace, I have just broken my 21km pb set in AHM August 2009 of 1:51:37. Confidence booster ONE! :))

Blazing sun!!! I'm frowning.

I split my time once more at the 30km mark and at this time it read 2:38:51. OMG!!! Cool shit. I am left with 12km. I have done experiments with my running pace. At my worst runs (e.g. my exam time lack-of-sleep runs –> which I think most of you guys know what kind of shitty runs I’m talking about), I hit about 5:42 per km. And multiplying that, this will still give me my marathon PB set in Sundown Marathon 2009 at 4:01:30, and I was still comfortable!!! At about this time, I started overtaking more and more people, including those in my category. I had been running with a male Thai marathoner for a good 20-odd km until I needed to shit at the 34km mark. HAHAHAHA!!! (P.S: Anyone’s got a solution to this? I keep having to shit during my runs. =.=”’)

Last 500m where I dashed my way to the finish line

Okay, that being that, after the “liberation”, I continued on and this time I could no longer find anyone of a suitable pacing to run with me. So the last few kms were pretty lonely. At this point, the sun started to yell: “FINISH THIS UP QUICKLY OR I’LL BURN YOUR A**!!!”  And that was it… down to the last km with the first girl in my age category just right in front of me. The last 12km was at 1:04:25, giving me a marathon finish of 3:43:17. I saw Mummy at the finishing line waiting for my finish. She cheered me on as I ploughed through my last few metres!

A New Personal Best (3:43:17)

Finished with a New PB to Celebrate

That was it!!! My new marathon PB!!! I came in 2nd for my age category, 8th amongst all the women marathoners, and 35th overall. I was super happy, apart from the fact that it was a bit of a waste that I came in only 7 seconds after the 1st girl in my category. This pretty lady is a 28 year old girl from Great Britain and it had been a good race, and so we agreed. :))

Post-Race Action

My proud Mummy wanting to take pictures of me at every moment during the prize presentation ceremony

Mummy and I waited patiently at the tent, waiting for my prize to be given out. Meanwhile, my proud Mummy started snapping like dozens of photos of me. I was so tired and delirous and yet I wanted to entertain her and hence the
naughty shots that appeared which left her giving the “so naughty ar you”-stare. HAHAHAHA! ^_^

Race Organization

The race organizers did a great job throughout the race with the aid stations and the iced sponges, which again I had funny stories to tell about! It started to get really really hot, like scorching hot, as the blazing sun shone down upon sunny Phuket. We were advised to make full use of the iced sponges. And so I did. The first sponge I got, I squeezed it over my head in desperation to cool myself down. It came as a shock to my system and I immediately let out a sharp shiver and stared with my eyes widely opened at the guy at the aid station who started laughing at me. >.< Alright… embarrassing moment. YIPES! Apart from that, the aid stations were prompt and pretty comprehensive, with pretty clean port-a-loos, which I was SUPER grateful for.

The prize presentation ceremony was a tad bit of disappointment. They told us that the prize presentation would be in another 2 hours, and so the the other girls in my category and I went back to our hotels to eat our breakfasts and wash up before coming back. When we got back, we realised that the ceremony was over. Mummy was so disappointed. She had wanted to see me receive my prize and take photos with and for me.

My Mummy and I :))

Knowing that, I just told her it was alright and that it only mattered that I knew I did my best for the race, won something and that she had already something to be proud of her daughter for. The prize presentation was secondary. So we went to collect the prize (minus the ceremony). There were supposed to be a race trophy and 8500 baht worth of Nike products as the prize for the 2nd place. They handed to me the trophy, in which I collected and went on to take a few more photos with the 1st girl, and the race director, and of course my dearest Mummy.

Mummy then reminded me about the 8500 baht worth of prizes in which I have yet to collect. So we went to the reception and all they did was to throw my three L-sized men’s Nike singlets, of which one of them were the free event singlets, a pair of L-sized men’s socks and a Nike bag. Okay… Now I was wondering, which part of me looked like MALE or L-sized. =.=”’

When I got back to Singapore, I expressed my unhappiness about this on the Phuket marathon facebook page and to my surprise, the race organizers immediately replied and told me that they’d give me a pair of Nike shoes, and so they did. So good job there!

More Fun After That

Dinner with the guys, mummy, and me., Share the mummy's love. :))

Mummy and I went for another session of Thai Massage (we went for 3 in total throughout our 4D3N stay in Phuket). Along the way, we met Roy, Alan, and Yap Xiong. We walked to the town and market together, had dinner together, and went then went to 7-eleven to shop for some stuff. This was where the guys experieced the full-swing naggy-ness and control that my sweetest Mummy has and enjoys great power over. Roy whispered to me something about freedom and stuff which I can’t remember word-for-word but it was probably the aftermath of a shock he got from my cutie-Mummy’s nagging and overpowering care over all 4 of us. She was like a mother hen. LOL.

And that was it. An awesome experience. And a great one to share with some of our team mates (Roy, Alan and Yap Xiong). Afterall, it’s all about sharing right, Yap Xiong? Let’s share my Mummy’s cuteness, sweetness, naggyness and overpowering care!!!

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