Reflections..Uni Life So Far

After spending one year in NUS and half a semester with the NUS cross-country team, I realised time REALLY flies.

A year ago, I was a freshman,a ll excited, after getting my acceptance letter (which took a really looongg time)to experience uni campus life.

My first brush with NUS cross was actually at the matric fair (now u guys know how important it is-better go volunteer yourselves to help the committee! :P) Mel Lim, u may not know me then, but I certainly remembered the friendly face that answered my queries about the team. At that point of time, I was considering whether I should stick to soccer or see how far my passion for running would take me to by joining cross.

However, I wasn’t brave and adventurous enough to venture into a new CCA which had probably many more pro people who can run faste and had more race experience than myself, who only started joining a sport cca in JC. That explained why I didn’t join cross in sem 1. But that doesn’t explain why I decided to join cross in my later part of sem 2 (and I never did regret it)…

Me running in my 1st race πŸ™‚

In sem 1, I had my share of fun times but what bothered me was the lack of knowledge of new running routes and I felt quite bored of running by myself all th time everyday. So, I decided, after a while of receiving cross email updates, to joinn in the easy run. The first run made the difference. I remembered how Mel Lim’s friendliness warmed me up to the team and Melvin was the one who led the girls for the easy run, although it seemed like he was a super pro runner who could easily zoom off with the other guys, I remembered how thoughtful was he to lead the girls and always stopping to ask if the pace was ok. Being unfamiliar with the Western parts of Singapore, I discovered new running routeson the easy runs-Kent Ridge park, Hortpark, West Coast Park. Honestly, I felt really happy running with the crossers. Yet, it wasn’t until sem 2 that I picked up the courage to join in the cross trainings. Mel Lim kinda convinced me to join in one of the races and I thought since I was joining the races, I SHOULD go down for the training..I did my first ever intervals, it was tiring but after a while it become more addictive and really effective in improving my speed and fitness!

Slowly, I got to know the girls, then the guys, despite juggling 2 ccas, i never regretted.

In trainings, I see how u guys motivate each other, running hard to improve, not only for yourselves but also not wanting to let the team down. I see how u all push your limits and see the determination in your eyes.

In competitions, I see how u guys support each other, with photography, refreshments, supporters who cheer for you all the way.

Post-race atmosphere πŸ™‚


Supporters at ninja warriors

Benedict..forever our best photographer:D

In the committee(old & new) and the team, I see efforts being made to meet up regularly – Patrick’s “anyone wants to have dinner?” after trainings, the study sessions at Biz Library and MRB, gatherings and more recently, the Redang trip, Ninja Warriors, badminton and swimming sessions and World Cup screenings at Val’s house…This has not only given me unforgettable memories of cross, I’m sure it has strengthened the team spirit and give each one of us the assurance that “you’ll never run alone” (cliche..but i guess you’d agree with me =))

sorry for being so long-winded but ok..last paragraph already!!!!

as the new academic year is coming and we all start to prepare for school-FOCs, mod selection, thesis/FYP, i really do look forward to seeing u guys at training and at school.

Thanks for making a difference in my life πŸ˜€


Sarah T.


5 thoughts on “Reflections..Uni Life So Far

  1. we are tremendously blessed n privileged to have such a great friend, teammate in our midst!=) thank you for your love n committment to running n to the team=)

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