hello i miss you guys + training already and its only been 3 weeks. when i go on exchange omg sobsob. but anyhoo. i cant wait for our chalet and see all of you AND WELCOME BACK HOME MEL.T still haven’t seen you bah. matric fair’s coming up must promote our dear CAMP, our dear FAMILY, our dear TEAM, our dear TRAINING, everyting else dear about nusxcountry etc OK!!!!!. hehe. anw im sorry i didnt organise the world cup finals/semi-finals in the end at my place. i died on my bed even before the matches started.

and submit your tshirt designs to me soon okok! hope the hols & trg has been going well for you guys and that you guys stay injury-free when im not around hahahahahahahahahha kthxbye.

❤ tricia


2 thoughts on “hello!!

  1. oh my thats not a very nice thing to be remembered for! 😐 i better stop saying that then hehheh.

  2. HellO!! We MISS u also!!! =((( I miss tricia telling me “I’m so tireeedddd” =DDD
    Anyway u tc too! Many of us were/are/am falling sick. Cya sooonnnnnn!!!

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