Why Do I Run?

The GodzillaSource: Wikipedia and storyrhyme.com

‘The first film was simply titled Godzilla (1954).

In the original film, Godzilla was portrayed as a terrible and destructive monster.
Following the success of Godzilla, Toho started filming a quickie sequel called Godzilla Raids Again.
In this film, a new Godzilla was set up to fight another dinosaur-like creature, Anguirus.
This second film started a trend for Godzilla films, where Godzilla would fight other giant monsters.
In his fifth film, Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, Godzilla took the role of a hero.
From that point on, to the end of the Showa series, Godzilla stayed a hero, protecting Japan against attacks from other monsters, aliens, etc.
For a period, Godzilla stopped its runs in the cinemas.
At one point, Godzilla even adopted a son, Minilla, in Son of Godzilla, who would make appearances in later Showa-era films.’

The first time I had a serious relatively longer distance run (1.6km) was in 1998. I was forced to run in the form of NAPFA test.
In that first occasion, running was portrayed as a terrible and tedious activity. But I managed to complete it nevertheless.
Following the success of that virgin long run, I went on to secondary school where I had to attempt a longer distance run (3km).
This second long run was the mother of my future longer distance runs, where I eventually completed my furthest distance in AHM (2008).
In my #672nd run, running became more competitive for me as I had to represent my unit in running competitions.
For a period after I ORD, I stopped running.
At NUS, I took up running again.

Godzilla adopted a son to spice up his otherwise dull battle life.
Like Godzilla, I adopted running to spice up my otherwise dull school life.

Godzilla needed Minilla.
I need to run.
Godzilla loved Minilla.
I love to run.

Why do I run? Why don’t I run?



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