Those feelings are what I run for

Why do I run?

The following is an extract from a recent entry in my training log this year. It provides an insight into what’s going through my mind before/during races.

“07/25/2010 Sunday
Workout: 5th All Comers Meet – 1500m (target 4:15), ~1h rest + 800m
Description: At ITE College East. Hot weather for 1500m, a little cooler for 800m.

1500m Remarks 1545h

Spent less time warming up for 1500m than usual. Had to wait in the sun while girls finished their 1500m. Started a little fast. Took the pace for 1st lap. Slowed down considerably after 200m. Colin took the 2nd lap and maintained the target pace. Could hear Mr Quek asking me to pick up the pace as we passed 700m. I tried to get in front of Colin on the outside of the curve. But he moved out to let me pass so that I could take the pacing for the 3rd lap. I picked up the pace a little at 1000m, and then some more at the beginning of the last lap. Last 200m I was just trying to maintain the pace. Felt like I wasn’t pushing as hard as last year’s races. My last run during training sessions this year felt harder.

800m Remarks ~1645h

Decided to run it when Mr Quek asked if I was up for it, after the 1500m. I thought I would just take it as a training session. Colin and I signed up with the help of Mr Loh, one of the NTU coaches. The race was about an hour after. Got stuck behind Colin and Feroz as the others’ start was a little faster and they were cutting in from the outside. Followed Colin for 1st 150m and then cut him. Feroz, Raviin and Hazwari were leading, in that order. Maintained my position behind them and responded when they picked up the pace at 300m. We picked it up again going into our last lap. Tried getting in front of Hazwari at 550m but he was also trying to move in front. So I relaxed and settled behind him again. Started pushing and got ahead of him after 650m. Surged past Feroz and Raviin at 700m. Was pushing myself hard for the last 100m. I was worried that they would catch me. A lot of lactic in my quads as I finished. Could see Kuan Yong from the corner of my eye as I crossed the line.

My 1500m Timing
100m – 15
200m – 32
300m – 51
400m – 69
800m – 2:17
1000m – 2:51
1100m – 3:08
1500m – 4:13.84

My 800m Timing
200m – 30
400m – 59.8
600m – 89.6
800m – 1.58.6 HT
1.58.8 ET

Race results:!/video/video.php?v=443531437717&ref=mf is the video of the 800m.”

This session was the day after the NUS Cross BBQ/chalet at East Coast, of which I was in attendance for about an hour. I was torn between staying or just attending or not even showing up. Some of you (remember me playing on Redang Island? =P) would understand how much I would have loved to stay and have fun with you guys. However, socializing always comes in behind racing and obviously, I went home to sleep on time.

I am not sure how many people can grasp what I went through, just by looking at the short race report. It was good racing that day for me; not just masochistic pleasure. It is rare that everything you planned for, and could not plan for, can go in your favour. And those feelings are what I run for.


2 thoughts on “Those feelings are what I run for

  1. Lol. Yes, and that’s why I prefer track races, because they are more exciting! You remember I do race distances of up to 10k? I agree I spend more of them roughly in the same position after the first 1k.

  2. The distance you run is much shorter than most of us. But it sounds more interesting! (: For my race, 10mins passed — running behind this green jersey guy. 20mins passed — still running behind this green jersey guy. And the story goes on…

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