Why do I run?

This beautiful song (sorry it’s another Chinese song:)) sort of sums up why I run and my love for running.. It’s called 很旅行的愛情by Cindy Yen..

天气很晴 你是一行蔚蓝色的诗句
湖泊很静 而我携着朗读无处不在的爱情
比利时的黑巧克力 余韵不如你
葡萄庄园里的香槟 清澈不及你
古典钢琴弹不出 你微笑时的声音
山腰蜿蜒的小径 余韵不如你
琉璃瓦上的雨滴 清澈不及你

于是沙漠 于是寂寞
于是冰丘 于是心暖和

What I would like to say that running to places changes how you look at the scenery and each time I run to somewhere new, it seems and feels like I’m on a holiday to a really scenic and lovely place..it doesn’t matter where it is, whether I’m running alone, each time i run, it’s a new experience.

Running was actually first introduced by my friend, who asked me to join her for TAF Club runs during breaks in secondary school. After several times, I realised I feel really happy and accomplished after my runs. Thereafter, I began to explore new running routes around my neighbourhood as I really love seeing new sights each time I run.

Distances increased and the time I spent running increased too as I grew to love the entire process of running…thinking of where to run, absorbing the new sights as I ran and savouring the sense of accomplishment after the run. Whenever I felt like I needed some personal time, whenever I feel stressed or angry or sad or even happy, I ran. Sometimes I ran hard, just to release the pressure boilling within me, sometimes I just took my time, using the run to ponder over issues. But whatever that is, after each run, I returned a different person.

My parents used to get mad at me for spending so much time running…but somehow after years, I’m glad they are able to tolerate my love for running. Sometimes I really hope that with me running, they would slowly be able to accept this healthy way of living and run. I really hope to inspire them to run…

I’m also really glad I continued to run; no matter how tough it might be to drag myself out of bed on a nice morning to sleep in; no matter how hard it is to schedule my day properly in order to come for cross trainings/even find the time to run on a busy day; no matter how much appointments with friends I might have to miss…

Running has given me a whole new experience in life, new goals and new friends and I do hope I would be able to continue running for my entire life ^_^


Sarah T.


2 thoughts on “Why do I run?

  1. I second the missed appointments & dragging myself out of bed in the morning. There are always a 101 things to do instead of run. But not all of them are better than just hitting the road/track/trail.

    Was an encouraging read 🙂

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