Why do I run?

Why do I run?

Firstly, let’s talk about why I chose to run cross country?

  • Jayanta dragged me
  • Wanted to experience a CCA during my final year
  • Hoped to beat Jayanta at AHM
  • Hoped to beat Jayanta at 10km
  • Hoped to beat Jayanta at 2.4km
  • Hoped to beat Jayanta’s sundown marathon PB
  • Realized the track can be used for running other than mech engineering student launching water bombs at professors using their own designed trebuchets (engineering losers will understand)
  • Needed a change of lifestyle in school instead of frequently skipping engine lectures to go across to KR50 pub at UCC for cheap beer


  • I realized there is more to running than just running.
  • I run because my ex-girlfriend hates it.
  • I kept coming back because everyone has 2 things in common. Running and singlehood.
  • I saw the track becoming like an entrepÔt where people from different faculties come together and interact without paying a cent.
  • Felt a sense of belonging at the track where it is normal to sleep at the grandstand.
  • Able to talk ‘not so serious’ stuff with talk-kok buddies, chunkai and jinyang.
  • Able to talk ‘serious’ stuff with talk-serious buddies, melvin and yap xiong.
  • Able to run without thinking about the run.
  • My running performance keeps improving even with the World Cup season and frequent social nights at zouk organized by val.
  • I am now addicted in smashing PBs.
  • I get the lovely adrenaline rush feelings at races.
  • I start to  hear myself cursing at the runners in front during races.
  • It made me post my first blog entry ever.
  • I still want to beat Jayanta at a race.

So why do I run?

I run because running defines who I am today.


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