Hi GUYS! Some race info to share.

Hi all,

Just a random sharing, not too sure you guys know about it. Warning: Long post ahead. I’m sorry to double post on email and blog, but it was Pat’s idea. Go beat him!

Races in September:

Salomon X-Trail: 19 September 2010, http://salomonx-trailrun.com/about-the-race/race-details/

CROSS COUNTRY HARDCOME EXTREME!!! Ask Melvin for details. I think he ran that before, didn’t you Melvin? It was muddy, so I didn’t/forgot to join, which made me sad because 1) I’m vain; 2) My memory sucks. Anyways, 10km on trail and mud and lots of vegetation, methinks.

Tour de trail: 26 September 2010, http://www.tourdetrail.com/

Woah, a second trail run? I declare September Cross Country month. 10.5km (solo or 2 person 10.5 each relay) on MacRitchie Reservoir. Recommended for those who are used to the route. Also, despite the heavy price ($75) the organizers seemed to have thrown a heart rate monitor into the race pack. That’s right guys. A heart rate monitor. A HEART RATE MONITOR. Come on, they even said the pack is actually worth $200++. Embrace your inner Singaporean and join it, it’s a great deal no (67% discount)? Me? I’m Malaysian.

Races in October:

Mizuno Wave Run: 10 October 2010, http://mizunowaverun.com/

Meh. 10km. *grumblebadorganizersgrumble* Ask around from last year’s competitors, I dunno. *waves*

Newton 30km CHALLENGE (Not my fault, the organizers capitalized it). 10 October 2010

That’s right guys. Two races on the same day. Which to choose, which to choose?! This is a 30km/18km race, so it’s suitable for people who wanna run a full/half, but are still hesitant about it. At $50, it’s a steal for those who would like to get their money’s worth. 30km won’t be too extreme and 18km gives a nice taste of 21km. You can always run 12km/3km by yourself after the race if you’re unsatisfied. But then again, why do that? I mean, you jogged beside a cute girl during the race for 30km, chatting and everything. You begin to prepare to cool down, exhaling and inhaling while holding on to your cellphone. She introduces…her boyfriend to you as the two of you jog together. He smiles and gives you his number. After you go home, you rage uncontrollably and start breaking down. That could potentially happen, friend.

New Balance Real Run: 17th October 2010, http://www.realrun.sg/

Not bluff, not fake, not counterfeit at all! It’s a Real Run (TM)! A punishing trail of sand, trail and long long roads along the airfield, Real Run is challenging (mentally) to say the least. For more info, ask those who ran last year! I didn’t go last year because I signed up a day late. Can you believe it? A day late. I was asking around to see who wanted to sell his or her number tag. I mean I could pass off for a female right? RIGHT? Then I’ll fail the gender test when I am tested and Mr. Quek will give me the same funny look he gives me all the time. And all of you will secretly judge me when I wear sexy smexy FBTs. Ahem. 15km or 10km, your choice.

Great Eastern Woman 10K, 31st October 2010, http://www.women10k.com/

“Women Run The City”, the tagline says. While I require some convincing, the menacing glares and the impending beatdown by them is more than enough for me to say something good about it. For those who missed Shape Run because of geometric problems (get it?), this could be a chance for you to strut down with your sisters in style as guys ogle from the sides.

I’ve signed up for Real Run and Newton, so see you there! As you can see, I’m (obviously) biased towards certain races. Shame on me, being an unreliable narrator. Oh the irony, when I strove to be as trustworthy as possible. I apologize if you are not used to reading well written, long and witty prose in emails. ;D See you all in October!

Jackie “I’m eating lots of burgers and getting fat” Tan


4 thoughts on “Hi GUYS! Some race info to share.

  1. Real Run is a good race/ run for people looking for a challenge, because the organization every year is pretty good (I’m biased too). It’s the only race I’ll be running, because I’m a sponsored mercenary like Madan..

  2. Hah. That’s unfortunate. I write like this when I feel like it, so my next post will be next year 😀

  3. Good read. I’d like to see more of this calibre.

    I myself will only be running the Real Run. As you might have noticed, I run for whichever team wants me to run, and pays the registration fees. Kinda like a mercenary, but really due to my concentration on track in the 2nd half of the year.

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