Why do I run!?

Time to say something in the blog!

Why do I run!?
To lose weight
When I started out in secondary school, I was fat (20kg overweight) and unskilled (I didn’t join any sports in primary school). I kept failing my IPPT both in school and in my hostel, which meant I had to go for remedial training. It was painful, to say the least. It was 2.4km thrice a week. Suffice to say, I did lose weight which led to my eventual passes in Sec 3 and 4. Woohoo! But I neglected everything else, which meant I couldn’t and didn’t

1. Play ball based games
2. Racket sports
3. Mind based sport
4. Get a girlfriend

Things looked grim and after sec school I went to JC…

No choice
With 98% of the CCAs denied to me (they were looking for people with experience), I turned to the most reliable sport of all…cross country! It was a totally different experience from my sec school days, where jogging aimlessly was the norm. There, my coach yelled us to do fartlek, drills and intervals. Slowly, I began to catch up to my seniors and began training more seriously. The competitions were eye opening too, with me meeting many people that I would eventually meet in many races to come. I began enjoying the thrill of racing, beating timing after timing and people after people. Soon, I got really competitive which drove me to join more races. Somewhere along the way I got injured; both my knees, sole and one ankle strained from overtraining and racing. I was out of action for a while.

Things looked uncertain and after JC I went to NUS…

To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to run anymore in NUS because of my injury and the subsequent lack of motivation in racing. Not to mention that my old coach from JC was coaching here too. However, one day a cute RunNUS promoter convinced me to sign up for RunNUS (I’m a sucker for that) and I went for it. Lo and behold, my injury was gone! And I got the girl’s number! Double motivation! While one of the two didn’t work out (guess which one), I was glad to be back on track. Things went uphill. In addition, the team was great and you guys keep me going for trainings. I particularly enjoy the post-training dinners, often skipping my own hall’s meals to go out with you guys and stay till late talking cock with everyone around the table. This is a short paragraph. 😀

Things looked fattening after I left for California for summer exchange…

I don’t know anymore
I thought I’d get fat because of all the food. Everything here is meat meat meat (and avocado too, because it’s California). Fortunately, the facilities in the university that I attended were not too bad and there were some people who regularly grouped and trained there, called the Greyhounds. The Greyhounds was a running club comprising of runners of all ages, from big to small, from graduate student to old men (pushing 50). There was a man who did two races in two days not too long ago: first was a 5k which he did in 15 mins (4th place in his age group) and the next day he did a 10k which he did in 35 mins (7th in his age group). Guess how old he was? 40 plus. He is my new hero. If people in his age group could do stuff like that, imagine those who are younger. He wasn’t the only one who could do mad timing like that. There was a guy from China I met, who spoke of his teammates who run so fast I was dizzy from the sheer awesomeness by the time he was done. It’s a big world out there. Another guy I spoke to told me of his university days; he spent 100 miles a week for mileage (it’s 160km for the uninitiated ones). It got me thinking about the way I view running. Why run? Everyone has their own reason to run, but I suspect I have yet to find mine upon some deep reflection.

I still ask myself why I run. As you can see, my reasons change from time to time. It’s not being fickle; rather it is a reflection of my constant evolution as an athlete. So why do I run? I run to maintain my fitness, I run to challenge myself and others, I run to run, I run to go places, I run to improve myself, I run to surprise, I run to race, I run to…

P.S. Hey guys, I look forward to seeing all of you again! My fitness isn’t too bad because I’ve been training with those Greyhounds. Steadily increasing my mileage here so let’s go for a 100 km jog when I come back!


2 thoughts on “Why do I run!?

  1. Hahaha naw man. I’m gonna train for a bit first. I’m not too sure I can even do steeplechase properly lol.

  2. Yo! Nice to here from you. Glad that you are training hard over there. Now you can come back and win medals for us (:

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