Why do I run?

There are many reasons because I always need a new reason to motivate myself to run.

– I run quite fast during my NS days. Always able to clock gold timing for my 2.4km. Running seems to be the only sport that I can do better in. I have no ball sense, so ya I suck at all ball games.

– I wanted to keep fit and make my tummy smaller because after NS, i slacked too much. And somehow for thin people, the fats only go to the tummy and not the other parts of the body.

– When I joined x country, I just ended my previous relationship. I was feeling aimless that time, so  I needed something to spice up my life and make new friends too. This is where x country came into my life.

– After joining x country, I made a close group of friends. Sometimes I go training not just to improve fitness but also to meet up with these friends.

– Joining races outside like marathons is a good motivation to run too since I paid the money already and the races are not really cheap. Actually sometimes I just gian the finisher tee and the goodies they give.

– Nowadays I run is because someone is running too=) Hope we can improve together.



4 thoughts on “Why do I run?

  1. haha! who are u hinting at?wahaha! but it’s great to know that u have recovered from your previous heartache=) jia you n do join us more often! esp dinners after trng if possible!=) Jia you for the new sem!=)

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