Why do we run?

To formally close the Blog competition, maybe I should talk about how this whole thing started. The whole idea behind this theme for the blog competition came when our Team Manager, Nick, was having this long talk with me on MSN on the blog stuff while I was desperately trying to revise and prepare for my assessments when I am working at my workplace. Considering how close Matriculation Fair was at that point of time, there was no doubt a very high possibility of Freshies looking through the TeamNUS website to check out the various sports team. Thus, we need to keep the blog active. However, the blog then was experiencing a lull period in which updates were irregular and few. And so, to encourage our contributors to write,  to make the blog more active, we decided to hold a writing competition with a theme that is something close to our heart: Why do I run?


 Why do we run?


As part of TeamNUS, we represent the varsity in various competitions which we thrive to achieve and excel. We are competitive, fair enough. However, in our pursuit of success, glory or the targets we set for ourselves , we sometimes lost sight of the passion we had for our sports and why are we in it the first place. When we fall short of our own expectations or targets, suddenly everything crumples down. We feel sad, dejected and disappointed. Other negative thoughts start to fill our mind and we soon find ourselves sinking deeper in as we  question ourselves: Am I cut for this sports? Before we know it, we start finding reasons, excuses to skip the daily running routine that we religiously followed for the past few months, the long runs that we hold dear every weekends and the intervals which make us shivers even before the training starts. It won’t be long before we quit the sports entirely.


“You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement.” – Steve Prefontaine


This is how the theme came about. We need to sit back and reflect upon the fundamental reasons why are we here sometimes. Whether we run because it keeps us happy, or because it is a constant we can’t live without, it is good to remind ourselves why are we running. When we are face with obstacles hurdles after hurdles, it is those reasons that keep us going and standing up strong despite all those tough challenges. And that is what keep us coming weeks after weeks for the intervals even though it makes us shivers before training starts, the long runs even though it often burns our whole Sunday because we are too tired to do anything after that, and the Wednesday easy run even though it ruins our wonderful evening plans.


We run for different reasons.


The articles written by our contributors have been wonderful and it is enjoyable to read the articles. In a way, it shows the different reasons why are we running and being such a big team, it is quite important to understand and respect that.


Why I run?


In the end, the 5 hours I have devoted to revise on my work on that day became 2; I only managed to finish 4 pages of stuff. But it gave me the time to reflect on my own reasons to run, and why I should continue doing so. I was able to come up with one though: Because it is what I can associate myself with.


So, why do you run?


Ang Wee Leong, Patrick
Your friendly site admin.


5 thoughts on “Why do we run?

  1. i really like what u said patrick 🙂 sometimes i do feel that way too..whether im cut out for running when i dun meet my own expectations..but well, thanks to u guys and ur encouragements, i’ll try not to give up ^_^

  2. totally agree with that statement. i used to think the track is such a scary place but now i find a ‘homey’ feeling whenever i see it.

  3. The friendly blog admin speaks!

    But the message is clear: find your reason to move your legs, and you’ll find that the track is less intimidating, the distances shorter, and everything else purer and more peaceful.

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