Why Do I Run?

Why Do I Run?

(OMG, late again but promised Patrick to submit a post)


Allow myself to indulge after working out

(my great weakness, ice-cream, chocolate!)

Assuage my guilt

(missed runNUS yesterday because I overslept!)

Bank in winners’ cheque

(Nah, only in my dreams)

Boost my self confidence and ego

(I’m 1st in my paikah,paiqiu Ammo Camp…)

Challenge my limits

(but I keep getting injured,haiz)

Discover who I am

(life can be confusing…the choices that we make)

Ensure that I can still walk when I am old

(the faster we can run now, the higher our movement ability after degenerative effects of age)

Feel the endorphin rush that is on par with an org*** J

(Reported in papers)

Get Goody Bags

(that’s more like it J for a cheapo guy like me, but we do pay for it anyway)

Hide from friends

(during unglam moments, image is so imp nowadays)

Improve my stamina

(running can be good training for things like shopping, the girls should know better) 

Jumpstart my day

(but running without breakfast makes me feel more lethargic)

Keep slim

(cannot stand getting fat)

Keep up with the young guys

(quite old already…)

Look for a life-long partner

(one that don’t endure with me but enjoy being with me)

Lose Weight

(running 30k after a buffet is a great equalizer!)

Make friends

(but I’m quite shy, sorry for acting like a dumbo at times)

Make my boring life more boring

(pple say running is boring,but it can really get boring if done alone too frequently)

Numb my senses

(being too aware of everything can be a pain at times, I’m a sensitive person)

Occupy my free time

(but that seldom happens, I’m too preoccupied with myself, what a selfish person!)

Prove my fitness to myself

(very low on self-confidence, scared that next day wake up cannot run anymore)

Quit my sedentary lifestyle

(does maintaining constant/comfortable pace = to sedentary?)

Relieve stress

(can you believe it? I procrastinate so much until I get stressed becos got nothing done in the end)

Salute my running idol, Haile Gebrselassie

(what an old freak)

Teach myself how persevere

(for the goals we want to achieve in life, often too many)

Upkeep the Team G spirit

(what’s G? I dunno, ask Ben. Garang? We’re not so fierce, Girly? I hope not!)

Vent my frustrations for the day

(cannot hit timing, end up more frustrated…)

Ward off debilitating diseases

(when young, we use our health to gain wealth only to give up our wealth to restore our health when old)




The missing Alphabets, hopefully the meaningful reasons I continue to unravel

Celebrate Life

(a precious entity)

Gain Inspiration from you guys

(that’s how much you all mean to me)

Chun Meng (the IT idiot)


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