Wilson Kipketer (DEN) at Bishan

Wilson Kipketer (DEN), IAAF role model & current WR holder for the 800M at the YOG. (Photo: Colin Tung, Redsports.sg)

Wilson Kipketer (DEN), IAAF role-model for YOG and current 800m world record holder, extracts during a press conference at Bishan Stadium on Sun, 14th Aug 2010.

On the value of sport:
“Sport is educational and cultural. It’s a combination of all things together. It is a planning to know oneself. (It’s possible) that sport can change the world.”

On advice for young athletes/ runners:
“Enjoy (sport). If you respect the sport and your competitors, you’ll still be a champion even after losing.”

And a message to all Singaporeans:
“Please welcome the athletes. Give them a chance to see around, tell them about your culture… create an atmosphere that all athletes can feel welcome and respected, so that they’ll feel at home.”



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