Why we run? competition: summary

Dear all,

Thank you for all the entries that are posted here for the recent “why we run” blog competition. Your active participation has really made the blog a more lively platform for the team to reach out to the masses. Of course, not forgetting the hard work of our key blog admin: Patrick, Yap Xiong(Shelter) and Ben during the course of the competition. Whether you entry is the entry or not, you are a winner yourself, because you are daring enough to share and express ur passion and love for running! so for that, i applaud your courage and passion!

Before I announce the winners and disclose the prizes for the top 3, i just wanna use this post to sum up the competition series.

Since the start of the competition though the start was slow, entries kept on coming and in. Through the various entries that are made, the passion to run burns strong in every single one of you guys. Some loved running from the start and stayed throughout, while some initially unsure but found it through this place or even some people found back that desire and passion through this team. Whatever it may be, personally i would like to commend on your passion and i hope the team has given you the place to be in to express your passion. Keep that passion, desire in running and i wanna believe that you will flourish in your own special way and become a stronger person.

 While this competition has set many one of us thinking on why we run, whether out of the thrill or joy or even just to keep fit, i hope there is a life lesson that you can catch here: vision, committment to the whole process to reach your goal or dream, courage. Why would i want to say that?

Think about it: if one never had a vision, will one look forward to the training we do, epsecially at times intervals can be painful? If we are not committed to the WHOLE process to reach our goal or target(this includes times of disappoinements, guareenteed), why would we still keep on going in spite of the difficult training or the not so good race and workout timings? If we didn’t had courage, why would we even think of trying to go for the target in spite of fears of not knowing what to expect?

It is when one has a vision, a dream, a target to go for, with the courage to dream and to go after, one will keep on going, in spite of limitations, challenges, the unknown and even painful moments. It is our committment through the process and our vision that keeps us ticking on continuing to go after our target even the going gets tough. If you happen to realise, it is thru the process, one gets stronger and his/her character is deepened.

What applies to our running does apply to our lives too. Running is just like life, it’s a journey. So really, as u think about why you run, also think about what u really want in life and then once u r convicted on what you want, take that courage, keep that vision on what u wanna go for in life and committ to the process and target/dream. Hope this really encourage, strengthen ur heart. Really, nothing is impossible for those who believe and stay committed to the process.

All right, time for me to announce the winners, after deliberation from the judges:

1st prize: Sarah Tan

2nd Prize: Fabian

3rd Prize: Veronica

We would like to present the vouchers during this friday’s official training, so we hope to see you on this friday’s training!=)

So once again, a big thank you to all and enjoy running and life!


your friendly team manager,

Tey Kian Heng Nicholas


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