Rain Mainly Flows Down the Drain

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run (10km)
Sunday, 5 Sep 2010

Rain, rain, rain.

Again, for the second time in 2010, the weather decided to be uncooperative during a race. Soaked just doing a warm-up jog. Feet washed and watered just by waiting at the starting line. And standing dumbly in a shadowy curtain of heavy rain until Patrick came over and told me the race would be delayed by 30 minutes.

Every year at the start of the run, there is a symbolic act to mark the start of the Yellow Ribbon Project’s flagship event. Last year, we stepped through a metaphorical gate meant to “open the doors” to opportunity for ex-offenders. This year the crowd carried the logos of 9 rehabilitation agencies from the back to the starting line to show their support in giving ex-offenders a “head-start” in their race back to society. Cool ideas for a sociology essay.

The rain didn’t let up. The Caucasian woman in front of me starting complaining. Then they blew the horn. And then I got elbowed by an uncle.

This run is famous for 2 things: low curving hills and amazing scenery of Changi airport. Like last year, the rain seemed to outline everything in grey. My previous year’s experience with the route helped in overtaking people on the hills. When the rain started to get to me, I decided to pace the Caucasian woman I met earlier.

And then my shoelaces came undone. Once. Twice. Three times. Four –

Idiotically, I estimate I lost at least 1 min stopping and retying. By the fourth time, I redid both with double knots and went all out (I didn’t want Patrick to wait too long for me at the finishing line, in the prison). The rain let up when I made it past the last hill outside the prison walls, and I caught up with the Caucasian woman at the 9 km mark.

I said hello. She said hello. Then I said goodbye. And upped the pace all the way to the finish. She came after me, 5th in her category.

Meihui, Patrick & myself

Meihui, Patrick & Me: The rain has the potential to create new hairstyles.

The best thing about this run is the food: a banana, a muffin and lots of milo. Unfortunately, it started to rain again by the time Patrick and I wanted to leave – which was good, since it allowed Meihui to find us and to snap the pic above.

Again, a well-organized and scenic race. Probably the only race where rain seems to a pernament fixture too.



3 thoughts on “Rain Mainly Flows Down the Drain

  1. Dear shuying,

    As my teammate has replied, yes we are a CCA and we welcome people from all backgrounds. so dun worry if u r not pro, as you join us often u will become more pro!haha!=)
    We train on tuesdays and fridays at the NUS track. We also do longer runs on wed around NUS area and on sundays at macritchie reservoir.
    Pls do feel free to contact us via email at nuscrosscountry@nus.edu.sg or the female captain, zakiyah @ 96505089 for any queries or when you are coming down.
    We look forward to your presence!

    yours sincerely,
    Tey Kian Heng NIcholas
    Team Manager AY10/11
    NUS Cross country

  2. Yup, this is the blog for the NUS X-Country Team. Don’t worry about it, you’re free to join us anytime during our training days, which is on every Tue and Fri, 6pm, at the SRC Track! We’ll contact you shortly to provide you with full training details!

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