Army Half Marathon: A Day to Remember; A Start of Greater Things!

Why such a title if you are wondering? Of course must be a breakthrough of the hard work that i have put in and the Grace of God at work. Read on..

12th Sep: The SIngapore Bay run and army half marathon event.

I signed up for the 10km event and is my 1st 10km race since last dec’s standard charted 10km and have been working on my inconsistent form since the end of exams in the previous semester. Since may, have been putting in the consistency and the effort in my training. There were times training was really tough, especially on the 10km pace intervals. long and mentally tiring on me and sometimes ended up not completing the programme. It got better as the months gone by and i’m entering this race i feel in good form.

So, the whole day started when i woke up at 430am to drive down to sch to grab my gear and met kelvin ling afterwards back at my area. went there together. Somehow by the grace of God, i managed to soak into the atmosphere pretty easily. started warming up at 6am, jogging around the race venue and when we are allowed to go to the start line, my heart started to pump a little harder.

It was a great experience to actually be starting on the 1st row, right in front of so many people. kept on stretching and kept myself relaxed and warmed up throught the waiting process, though space as pretty limited for warm ups.

When the guest of honour flagged us off, the race started and i believe i started at quite a blistering pace. the whole race crowd just rushed through the start line, and a number of them are really going for it. However, i was aware that i have to manage my race properly. So once i have completed my 1st 1.5km at quite a blistering pace(flet was like 3:45 and below per km), i started slowing down and started entering into cruise mode, moving fast and at the same time staying relaxed.

Subsequently, for the next 5.5 km, i just kept by that pace by feeling and tagging at the back of of other runners. This is where the competitiors including myself ran past the Marina Bay Sands IR. As the sun was rising and the sun shining down on the building, it was a sight to savour. In order to cope with the heat( as it got hotter and i ddin’t exactly hydrate sufficiently), at every water station i just kept pouring water on my body, so as to keep heat on my body at a low level. I kept on going at that cruising pace through the sheares bridge, rochor road and suntec area

Once i hit suntec area(temasek blvd, 7.5km mark), i started to speed up and push. At that point i had a feeling that i will smash my PB. so I just kept going and kept going at a lightly higher pace. he only bad thing that occured was the poor control of the 21km recre people. I couldn’t care less and just kept going. Once i reach my last 500m, it’s a battle between me and a tall, strong black foreigner( no racism intended, as i do not know his nationality) for the finish line. He started to burst 1st and started saying “pump it up man”. However, i waited for the right moment to just gave a strong burst after he started to slow down a little and after that lost him till the finish line.

Once i reached the finished line, i just found myself in delirium. Very happy with the performane.i even shouted for joy and thanking God for such a great run! longed for such defining moments when u broke through to hit your target. This run just proves that persistence, hardwork and consistency pays off in the end. 

Of course hitting this target also meant some changes had to be made to the way i train and run. So wanna thank Patrick especially, as he helped me corrected my running form to make my run more efficient. Also not forgetting the coach, Mr Steven QUek, always there to guide and help me in my trainings=) Of course not forgetting the support and encouragement from my teammates. and Last BUT not least, the angels that God have sent to my life(W357, Pst. Aries, Mel Tan, Yap Xiong, Sarah Tan) and their prayers have been key to keep me going=). Not forgetting the Lord himself, who has been my source of strength and encouragement=) 

2 more races before i end the year and looking forward to more moments!=)

signing off in love,

Tey Kian Heng Nicholas


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