My new toy: Walkman W252

Heading out for a long run without music, thats the usual routine. But today with a new Sony Walkman W252 in hand (or ears literally), my long run was much more different.
Unlike the usual mp3 players with headphones that dangle and gets in the way of running and prone to dirt when sweating, this new walkman is simply a pair of neon green headphones!
After uploading my playlist of running songs the night before, including the sounds of Usher, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, A7X and many more, I was ready to test out my new running equipment!

It was pretty simple to use and fuss-free, especially so for a tech-noob like myself, just a simple push of “PLAY” and the music comes on!
Off I headed out for my long run on a Sunday afternoon. Having music to run along with took away the boredom while pounding the pavements, helped me to relax while I climbed slopes and definitely made the entire run easier.
Not only a distraction from fatigue, having the music and fast beat songs aided in me being able to clock a longer distance and much faster pace than I expected to!

One of the most amazing things was that while I was running, I did not really feel the need to adjust or shift the headphones, it stayed snugly and comfortably. It was as if music was played by some mobile deejay running alongside me, I actually forgot for a couple times, that I was wearing the headphones!

Cleaning of the earpiece was once again simple and hassle-free! Wiping away the sweat and cleaning it with a towel with some soap and water, thats all that needed to be done!
I really am impressed with how convenient this Walkman W252 is, easy to use, to maintain, and best thing it really helps with long runs! Especially when your mind doesn’t really have enough things to think about over 30km, when humming the tunes and not knowing the lyrics to sing along, the Walkman W252 comes to the rescue!

Definitely looking forward to using it once more when I head off for my runs, but for now, both of us got to recharge! (literally)

Look how snugly it fits into my ear. No more dangling headphones!

My teammate getting ready for a run in the new toy!


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