Nus Xctry Seniors Exposed!

Just a short snippet which allows our dear freshies to get to know their seniors better 🙂

On seeing a beautiful sunrise…

Azrul:”Ok guys, warm up time.”
Aaron Meng:”Eh whats there to see? im so stressed about work..HELLOOO?!?”
Alvin Low:”nice,nice.. Oh what the heck, im suffering from post race blues”
Alan Kwek:”waa jackie see my abs are so defined under the morning sun!”
Alan Sim:”ain’t my spectacles cool?”

Benedict:”Hey girls!!” *grins*
Baldwin:”Aye guochen, see that girl damn hot! Lets run past her again.”

CaiSang:”oh its very niceeee. btw chunkai when u going back to hostel?”
Calvin:”Anyone going library study later?”
ChunKai:”Hey nicholas, thanks for bringing us to such a nice place. u are my idol now… oh did i tell u my facebook display pic is u?”
Chun Meng:”…”

David:”heyy hahahaha, guys i came to crash your training hahahahaha”
Darren Nin:(wake up pls darren is in NTU now.)
Dex:”guys, where’s the nearest swimming pool?”

EeGhim:”Beautiful day! Any girls wana walk down the beach with me? sry colin, girls only.”
Eric:”Ohhh this is DAMN nice!”

Fabian:”KEVII training later!”
Girider:”dey jackie.. u full of shit know…”
GuoChen:”Ok my fans, i know u guys love me but i really gotta go.”

Jackie:”Awesome babe! This is my shit!!”
Jayanta:”Oh.. ok”
JinYang:”Waa last night i dono shagged how many girls…huh? ohoh..ya this is beautiful.”
Jovin:*on the phone* “hello neighbour ah, when u coming to pick me? hey rachel i kick u!”
Johanna:”this is great! oh btw guys im back to do an easy run.”

Kelvin Ling:”This is fantaaastic!”
Kenny:”Hey madan wat training u doing today?”
Kewen:*took off his shirt*

Madan:”aww okayyy… hey dont call mr quek!”
Michelle:”hiii guys im back =)”
Mok: *ran past, smiling to himself*
MeiHui:”Bestie u wana go for a long long long run now?” ='(
MeiYi:”aww this is cool! aye baldwin get a life!”
Mel Lim:” So nice! where is jinyang?”
Mel Tan:”OMGGG I LOVE THIS! Brunch?”
Melvin:”i conclude this is beautiful. Anyone needs CPR now?”

Norman SMSing:”hey steeple people today there’s training at 5pm, we start before the main body…”
Nicholas Tey:”well done guys, a vision in life brings hope and future. ROAR!”
Patrick:”oh..not bad! Hey do u know what its like to see sunrise on a ship? in navy i ……….”
Phua JunJie:”stop disturbing me i graduated already.”
Richard:*on the phone*”hello boss? can i take leave today? WHY CANNOT? aye come on lah u think this fair anot…blablabla” “aye pussy lets go eat morning prata~”
Roy:*walk off* Facebook status: just viewed a beatiful sunrise…ALONE 😦

Sarah Lim:*busy eating noodles*
Sarah Tan:”oh i love this! anws i got soccer training later. bye guys!”
SiewMin:”woww….. hey ben stop it! stop taking unglam pics of me!”

Tricia:”tired..shag..sobsob….woo momo chan so manja *^_^*”
Teshil:”Hey uuuu…. suffering from leukemia? morning sun good for u :)”
Valerie:”Oh cool!!! wait, my makeup still there?”
Yannick:*just came from zouk*”oh wat the f***, im not drunk lah..”

Yap Xiong:”Its pretty lah, but theres always 2 sides to something blablabla….”
YongQiang:*staring at valerie*
Zakiyah:”its so nice! i wish jeremy is here :(” *pout*
Zhi Yun:*ran past with mok*

and finally our dear coach…
Mr Quek:”HEY MADAN! why are u still up???”

Hope i didn’t forget anyone in this list =)
disclaimer: This in no way is meant to be offensive. Just for fun! =)

-GuoChen 🙂


One thought on “Nus Xctry Seniors Exposed!

  1. omg damn funny it actl made me laugh out LOUD
    good job guochen! 😀
    but pls don’t include my bf in this hahahahaha

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