A Hairy Snippet #1

“Eh cut your hair leh”
-Anyone who sees me

“Hey Hairy.”
-Pat, aka patpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpatpat aka Pat Rick

“The hairy guy over there…”
-My LSM lecturer during tutorial

HAI GAIS! It’s your fellow Cross Country teammate Jackie! You might have seen me during training, or you might have not, but one thing that you cannot deny seeing is my hair bouncing up and down during training (I am not responsible for your trauma).

Isn’t he hot, an equally hot chick might say to herself? To answer her question, yes I am hot so give me your number and I can tell you more. How does he do it, you might think to yourself? Heck yeah this is what my blogpost is for. This is a little preview for those who like get to know more about me, and I am sure other Crossers will be keen to have something like this too for others to read, RIGHT?

With my rugged exterior and my soft,soft interior, I, Jackie Tan Yen, will share a snippet of how my life goes daily with my long luscious locks of loveliness.



Lovely Luscious Locks Looking Lustily (at you)


If that picture didn’t make you curious, I don’t know what will. So…without further ado, let me share some of the questions that I commonly get from people!

Question #1: “How do you see when you run if you’ve such long hair?”

Well…it’s kind of complicated, you see. This is how you see when you run normally. I took this random photo off Google Images, but I think it will suffice.


This is how you see the track.


And…this is how I see the track. I have 20/20 vision, meaning my view is obstruction 20% of my waking time.



Can you see what I see?


Yes people, if you recoil in horror at what you see then it would be worse if you could see what I see. That is why I look blur all the time, or I seem to ignore you when you wave at me across the road when I’m walking straight somewhere else. I apologize, oh I apologize indeed.


Question #2: Don’t you feel hot at the back of your neck?

Hmmm I don’t feel the heat. If girls can do it, why not I eh? Besides, I run fast enough for my hair to flap to the back, thus freeing up space on my neck to feel the air. Also, I would like to upload a picture of me with my hair tied up, but I’ll have to silence you forever after seeing it.


Question #3: Will you cut your hair anytime soon?

No. Don’t ask.


Question #4: But how ab…

Okaaaaaay we’re out of space for today. If you guys have any questions that you’d like to ask me, or my hair, feel free to drop them in the comment section and I’ll reply them in  my next post. Goodbye and see you again!


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