The sun, the sand and the beach.

So it was another year at Changi to run the Real Run.

Saw Yong Qiang, Roy, Yap Xiong, Madan, Tey, Ee Ghim, ect…

Typical race warm up, mostly static aka standing in a bunch of sweaty people.

Saw a pretty girl at the start line, kudos to the organisers for giving the option of a name on the race tag. Did not remember her name though. D=

Never saw her again on the race. =(

Said goodbye to my faster friends as they zoom pass the starting line.

Comfortable start. Looked like it was about to rain, but didn’t.

First 2 km, two ACJC girls in front, really tempted to speed up but didn’t. Overtook them at 2.5km, not pretty, so I ran off. Soft ground, softer sand. Fortunate that I didn’t disrupt my pace.

Ran behind two guys with the same weird coloured jersey. Overtook them at 3-4km-ish.

Long stretch of road. Sun. Overtook several people in the KINS jersey. Felt pretty good about myself. I like road. Predictable, hard, comfortable. Except for the Sun.

Towards turning into the park, about 5km, overtook a lady, she tried to keep up. I turned my head a few times to see where is she. hmmm… 7/10.

Saw Zhenghong doing the 15km, cheered for him. Quite nice to see friends running.

Started noticing that all the people cheering, or at least most of them, were young boys. HUGE demotivating factor.

Noticed one of the guys in the really weird coloured jersey caught up. Kept in front.

Beach. Really hard time to overtake. To the left, the sea. To the right, quick sand (ok I kid, really soft sand). Couldn’t overtake without bumping into some people. Overtook anyway. Step into the sea, step out of the sea. Shoes became a little heavier. Better than losing my step in the soft sand.

The road back was a tough one. Cheered for some guy in a PBS jersey. He was stopping and going.

Halfway down the road, right shoe lace. about 20 strides, left shoe lace. stop 3 times to try to salvage them. meh. The weird coloured jersey guy overtook me. I cheered for some kid beside me, he mistaking thought I was cheering for him. He half turned and gave me the thumb up.  -_- oh well.

Cheered for an old uncle and another guy in the KINS jersey.

Run, run and run. Finished. Met Yap Xiong and asked about his run and my run. hmmm… good run. Not much eyecandy this year. Met Roy’s sister (not eye candy). Took a photo with Yap Xiong. Told Tey that better he be blind than look like a dope wearing his strange looking glasses. Roy did his best in 10 years, 45mins flat. Yap Xiong felt good, but was about 1 mins behind target. Madan got the 10km closed first. Tey did… I forgot. haha… ermmm… ya.

The after race entertainment was HORRIBLE. Too loud most of the time. Wanted to wait for the lucky draw but the PCK impersonator was really annoying so I joined the exodus to Pasir Ris. Great bus rides though. Comfortable nap times.

That’s it. Real Run 2010. 46ish mins. =D


Run, damn it.


9 thoughts on “The sun, the sand and the beach.

  1. hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahaha entertaining 😀 and pretty different tone from your usual!

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