Shout out loud

This will be the start of a whole new blog experience for you readers!  But its going to be slightly different. Because i aint going to share about my running experience but rather something else that i have been passionate about- music.

I am a self proclaimed audiophile since young and  I remembered  how i would sit by the radio listening to the Fms and Cds all day long. These listening experiences deepen my appreciationo for music and led me deeper into the world of sounds. Or simply music if it turns out pleasant to the listeners.

So with each post, i’ll introduce different genres of music that is not quite the pop songs u’ll hear on the radio. (Yes, lady gaga is not everything. ) So join me on a musical experience as i share with you my playlists and let us explore the world with just our ears.

so today lets hear from a band that most should be familiar with- The Killers.

As an alternative rock band, they draw some of their influences mainly from the music styles of 1980s. For more information of what is an alternative rock band, refer to

So here are 3 tracks i have chosen from their Day & Age album:


The chorus “are we human or are we dancer?” is said to be inspired based on the statement made by someone who commented about how America was raising a generation of dancers- people who follow a pattern and choreography instead of thinking for themselves.


A Dustland Fairytale

“Moon river what you do to me~~” Check out the MTV for this song on youtube!

Expect more to come. Listen and dont judge whatever you hear too quickly. Lastly, are you a human or are you a dancer?

Till then,


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