NIE director’s race @ NTU

Simply put in 1 sentence: What a race!

It may sound like an overstatement, but imagine a race where ALL 6 members of the team did their personal bests in a 2.4km track that has a long upslope and coming in 5th in a very fiercely competitive race where singapore’s top teams are in it. This was exactly what happened at NIE on a hot friday evening.

The 6 of us (Myself, patrick, emelyne, sarah tan, justin and alvin) met up at around 450pm after the captain’s meeting. changed, and talked out our racing order. We knew we are in for a fight of a race as MR25 and 2 RJC teams are running. However, other strong teams like NYP, SP, F1 runners were also in the race. The 18 team race started off with Sarah Tan as the 1st runner and understood she managed to smash per PB. Despite our handicap in our selection(most teams went for 5 men and 1 lady in the team), we ran our hearts out, even through all of us had to really work through the tough long slope, we made it back in our PBs and finished a respectable 5th out of the 18 teams, 2 mins away from the 3rd team(exact timings will be awaiting for the official results to be out).

What’s more interesting is that after the race, i got interviewed by Nanyang Chronicles, the official media at NTU. i was one nervous bloke and hopefully gave a good inetrview =P .

Of course, after the race we had our share of fun by having a little tour around NTU campus(esp some of us never been there before), before we had a good dinner which was provided by the organisers and we were one lucky team as Sarah Tan won herself a pair of shades( courtesy of Alvin Lee).

It was a long day for the 6 of us, but really at the end of the day, it’s not the race, but the times we shared together as a team and our best efforts made this race a memorable one. We are looking forward for more of such moments.

Signing off!

Nic Tey, your friendly TM


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