Sunday Morning in the City

Ok guys, Im finally putting up a post! Here we go!

SG VS. KL NIKE CITY (24.10.2010)

The annual Nike race is back! If my memory serves me well, the Nike race started in 2008 and it was called the Nike Human Race then. It was even held in the evening which was awesome as runners do not have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to run! Didn’t manage to take part in the event that year as I only knew about the event when the registration has closed. Last year I made sure I got my ticket and sure had an awesome time at the event!

Morning Run

The Skyline in the Morning, Plus Runners

Well this year was no exception. The race was well planned and the performances were kept young and hip. LOVE that the event was held at the floating platform as it was spacious and convenient plus we get a good view of Singapore’s skyline. I think there is a music theme going on as the event highlighted many specific genres of music including RnB, Hiphop, Pop and Rock. Every one got this cute little toy of a music stereotype when they finish the race. Well I got the “Rock” guy, Ari, whom on closer inspection, was a purple sleepy dude with blue hair and detachable headphones. Sure, it’s cute a toy but I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say NIKE PLEASE BRING BACK THE FREE WATER BOTTLES AT NEXT YEAR’S RACE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Anyways, back to the race itself. This year I magaged to drag my sister to take part in the race with me. Did my prerace ritual of heavy supper + an episode of american dad/family guy/ the office + light breakfast. Reached the race venue at 5.45am. The air was fresh and the sky was clear. Thank God for the heavy rain the day before which washed away all the haze. Everyone was wearing the bright green Nike T-shirt which had our individual race bibs imprinted on our shirts.

Lots of young couples/ groupies in the crowd. I felt very old and lonely as usual. Greeted by enthusiastic volunteers at the baggage deposit. Got rid of my stuff- and my sister- and went to warm up with Chin Yang, Ravin and Jenson who happened to be around that area too. I was wearing a sexy pair of blue Nike Lunar Glide 2+ which the people at Nike had generously passed to me 2 days ago. It was really lightweight and bouncy- perfect for road racing. As I was fortunate enough to win the U25 category last year, I was really hoping to do well again this year.

Race started at 7.15am. A few overly excited runners quickly sprint to the front of the pack and brought up the pace, before falling back. I tried to stay close to the front pack. The kenyan runner quickly took over the lead and made the cyclist guide peddle furiously to direct him through the course. The race course this year brought us across Nicoll Highway, Geylang Road, Kallang Road and finally Marina Promenade before ending at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. There were 5 water points along the course and I managed to get some hydration at each one of them. There were also music checkpoints along the way, where entertainers dress up as the music genres and dance along to the deejay’s beats. I guess they sort of provide abit of distraction from the lactic that was building up in my legs! The course was pretty flat in general and there were adequate volunteers to direct us through the course.

Well I won my category again! Timing wasnt fantastic. Nevertheless, I was extremely happy to defend my title. Last few months have been extremely tough for me as I was doing my hospital internships and I fell sick two weeks ago. A quick shoutout to my orthopaedics Houseofficer Dr Eugene Chan for being super understanding and letting me off in the evenings to train during my weekday calls. As one of the winners of the race, I was allowed to enter the winner’s tent which had some pretty awesome breakfast of sausages, grilled tomatoes, scrambled eggs, cereal, bread, etc. The carnival tents were set up on the floating platform itself and the ground had a soft, clean grass carpet which was great for tired runners to just laze around and watch the performances. I met up with the other NUS cross country runners and it was great to see that many of us have done well. Siew Min, on her maiden 10km race came in second for the U25 category! Many of the others were also in the top ten and got to enjoy the amazing breakfast!

All Runners

Cross-Country at Nike 2010: Lean, Mean & Green

I think everyone had a great time at the event. The weather was great, the energy was vibrant and the race had little troubles. Thanks guy for cheering on for me when i collected my prize! Maybe I should share the $500 nike vouchers with all of you!

. . .


– Aaron

(All photos by Benedict)


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