Reflections of a supporter

The first time i watched a real track competition was 5 years ago.. (dont include those school inter-house games stuff). In my secondary school, we only had cross country. there was no track. However, somewhere that year in 2005, our coach asked if any few of us wanted to join track! we were like… “huh, race on the track!?!?!” quite boring. plus, only about 2-3 of us would go to represent the school. so malu. we didn’t know what it was really like so, nevermind. dont sign up loh.

despite rejecting the offer, one of my closest teammates was actually still considering it, and upon telling me so, we both went farfaraway from school, to the foreign choachukang stadium that was like in the middle of nowhere. We just wanted to watch people run. That was the first time we watched track nationals. we were the only 2 random girls that didnt have the same school uniform as anyone there, with no school to sit with, no runners representing our school, ppl would think we were just some random girls stalking some pro and what not. but still,


i felt, these people really got guts. every single one of them. just look at them run. it says it all

it was a similar, and yet different feeling from watching xcountry.

eversince then, my teammate has been racing in track every year till today.

IVP had ended about 8 days ago, and coming down to watch people run for 2days brought back that feeling again. In fact, i felt it so much more this time round because i knew the story behind each of our crossers running for NUS whom i had come for…

for siew, she had an injury before the sem started, i remembered her long talks with mr quek and her frustration of being unable to do workouts back then. she fought hard, it seemed more like her fall after crossing the line didnt impact her as much as the race itself. and her last 100m kick. seriously, whoa. she wasnt gonna let her competitors bring her down throughout the race.

for michelle, who fell off her bike just a few weeks before the race. she couldnt run for a while, but she did come back to train when there was one week left – i mean, eventhough we all know shes fast, eventhough she still had that big gap with the 2nd runner, her face said it all. she really raced one of her hardest in the rain. it was a nice ending for her last ivp race in NUS

for mel, she looked like she was struggling for her first 2 rounds. and we realised why on the 3rd. despite losing a sole, it didnt stop her from fighting

and we have zakiyah, our dearest captain who was initially upset about the outcome, but she took it in within her stride. and moved on with her life continuing to cheer on for our other teammates and etc and an awersome 4×400

and theres yati, my ac senior whom i first met after o’s, for remaining calm and composed throughout the whole time – well at least in front of me. and i admire her for that.

of course for the reserves, theres caisang, my idol who never let anything that happened outside her running life affect her during training. and we can always expect her to be there for us. it should never be taken for granted.

and theres meihui who has been improving tremendously since before the sem started, and despite her back injury, shes also RH’s current RR capt!

and emelyne, the cute little girl who would run from KE VII to macritchie on a sunday from 6+ in the morning, and still do about another 10 km with us.

Moving on to our guys’ side,

we have norman, coming back to running after taking a year off, and his steeple story below, kudos to you for not letting your previous race experience up on youtube stop you from chasing steeples. i mean if you think of it logically, nothing should get in the way of stopping you from doing what you love. and i really respect you for that.

giant jayanta, making his comeback after 2 years, and for whatever that happened in your head before the race or even falling down during the race – that ended up giving you a BIG swelling on your foot, im sure it took more than just the courage of your lungs to get that gold. your parents must’ve been really proud of you 🙂

madan, whom i knew since world cup period, has been training hard for AUG. achieving PB for 1500 during SingOpen and being our most inspiring athlete of ivp, congrats you’re finally in! 🙂

kenny, who has been training hard alongside with madan. and also had to deal with our stampedes on tuesdays & fridays

giri and his first 10km IVP on the track, who has come so far since his first day in cross (after reading his post below)

aaron, who had to do 1500 & 5000 BOTH on the same day and still came in 2nd for 5K. He was even able to joke about requesting us to take photos for him only in the 1st round cos he would look unglam on the subsequent rounds.

mok, whom we all know has always been fast, for not being complacent whatsoever, and remaining consistent for all rounds, despite knowing the big gap between him and 2nd place, he still worked on achieving a new record for 10k.

melvin, our patient ex-captain who has been dilligently coming for all our trainings & macritchie runs, and still having to cope with being the convening captain for RR with emelyne and the life of a busy medicine student.

eeghim, for his discipline to even train on his own since his internship

pat, who actually stopped his usual own long runs and finally joined us for training for the sake of 1500

yannick, who’d never fail to remain friendly and welcoming with us hehe

teshil, who just came back to joining us again this sem and still perform well for SUniG with his baby hair

dex, who on top of being the biathlon captain, still came back to support and trial for steeple

and theres baldwin, for coming back after so LONGGG to throw for the discus & shot put

last but not least, jinyang, who pops out of his busy business life, having not trained at all and gave many of us a great show with his javelin throws. he really made javelin looked like it was a form of an art that only a few could master. hahahahah

i take my hat off to each and every one of you, and also thank you for the great performance because cheering for you guys with the rest of the teammates has been, well, kinda fun. watching you guys during trainings & ivp has been inspiring for me too, because you guys are so driven. i mean first of all, you guys were able to remain focused knowing so many eyes were watching you. it must have been quite a journey for each of you to get to where you are right now. i guess it also shows that even the life of a great athlete doesnt come that easy, and should not let obstacles/complacency/school get in the way what you want. in fact it applies to everyone. possibly something i need to reflect upon for myself. heh. oh well, its exam period guys, rmb an apple a day keeps the doctor AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! study hard, eat your fruits, get your rest, keep running. 🙂 

your OTHER friendly TM (hehe),



3 thoughts on “Reflections of a supporter

  1. all supporters played a major role, and you have been doing a great job as a TM! keep going and keep learning. Keep a humble and willing heart to learn=) jia you for your exams!

  2. yea! without you guys screaming for me, i wouldn’t have been able to gauge how far away my competitors were.

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