Weekly: Chest Pain

“Don’t bother to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Just try to be better than yourself.”
William Faulkner

Thanks to Roy, Kelvin Ling, Nic Tey & Chun Meng – for (in)directly pushing me to get back to running after a not-so-terrific weekend of being sick at home. Normally, I would be spending this time trying to bury my face in notes, but I feel like I’ve been through the best reading week of my university life.

Just a preamble:  falling sick before exams, 2 weeks before embarking on a 21km first-time run, is like walking tightriope over over a minefield. Watching people run while being confined at home, unable to study from a massive headache, isn’t good either.

And recovery isn’t very fun. It’s been 3 sessions of running after getting better but there’s still too much phlegm in my nose and a tightness in the chest. I can sympathize with Roy when he says he struggles to return to form ahead of his marathon, and when Kelvin says that Patrick is always going to fast even on easy runs.

But the joy of recovering from a bad flu/fever/stomach virus/cough/sore throat is that it makes running so much sweeter. It makes doing laps and laps of grass under the sceptre of exams an exercise in defiance. But most of all, recovering and starting all over from scratch as made me more appreciative of the people I rely on to pace. They keep me going, they make sure I don’t fall back.

They remind me that, really, when the pain in the chest hits, it’s all about how much more I’m going to push. And from there, recovery goes on.

So to everyone reading this: I would like to see you at the Padang on 5 Dec, so please take care of your health & those of others around you. Wash your hands. Get enough sleep. Drink lot of water. I’m not a doctor so please correct me if I’m giving bad advice.

But most importantly: don’t forget to run.



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