Wessex is a place in Singapore D=

Randomly walking around is quite fun. Maybe we can run this route when the exams are over. =D

It starts from PGP to a bus stop near AYE and then there’s an underground pass… 

There’s an uncle playing the clarinet. Not a busker. I figured maybe his family/neighbours thought he was too noisy.

Along the way, I passed the JTC buildings, a few coffee shops catered for the workers, a nursery for children… and then to Tanglin Trust school. The Atas-ness comes spewing out. Its nice to know that in Singapore, you can get from an semi-industrial place full of SMEs and techno startups to Wessex (Estate), in less than 2km.

Colonial houses

A school of the Arts in the middle of nowhere

>_< ATAS

Interesting names like Blenheim

And at the 3km mark, in the midst of colonial houses, we find…


-_- a really expensive place where I had lunch.

Roasted Chicken+Chips+Mushrooms ($9) and a can of f&n ginger beer ($1.70 !!! X_X)



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