Music to get you going :)

The Stan Chart Marathon is coming in 6 days and if you’re a music junkie like me who needs some catchy tunes to pace and get going for the 3-5h plus throughout the marathon, here’s some suggestions from my mp3…and as most of you guys know (or don’t know), i’m a super huge KPOP fan and really, the songs do wonders to perk you up when you feel like giving up! And of course, i would like to take this chance to introduce you to the Top 10 Kpop bands whose songs are AWESOME..and of course, i had tried relating them to running  🙂


Okays..Big Bang is 1st on the list not only because of this song Number 1 but also because they’re my favourite band!!! Also, i feel that the rthymn of this song is quite appropriate for pacing at the start of the race (you dont want to start off too fast!) i chose this song hoping that it’ll inspire you: the Number 1 goal is to do your best to complete the race!

2. SNSD (Girls’ generation) : Run Devil Run

Run, devil, run…don’t have to elaborate…chase the devil in your head tempting you to stop and RUN…!

3. SHINee : Lucifer

This really upbeat and catchy tune will sure help you maintain your pace!

4. Miss A : Breathe

A reminder to you to breathe! enjoy not only the run, but the scenery around you..taking time to breathe properly will help fresh oxygen to enter your lungs and help you complete your race too!

5. 2ne1: Can’t Nobody (hold us down)

Can’t nobody hold YOU down!! do your best and no regrets 🙂

6. 2PM: Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop

Title is quite evident..if you tell your mind don’t stop, you can’t stop

7. 4MIn: Muzik

Let the music take you thru!

8. U-KISS : Man Man Ha Ni

9. Co-ed School : Bbiribom bberibom

This song’s really catchy and the mv’s..a little like Lady Gaga’s Telephone..but much better :p

10. Super Junior : Angel

A lot of you probably know Sorry Sorry by Super Junior and probably nothing more..this is not a dance song unlike the rest but a really inspiring tune to keep you going :))

Have fun and all the best for those doing 10k, 21k and 42k !


3 thoughts on “Music to get you going :)

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. so cute & funnny!!! hehehehhehehe. nice to knw what keeps you gng . hahahahahaha all the best okay! have fun! and you will be the next postergirl for nus who doesnt get paid if you walk in ecp.

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