So Long Peter

It’s amazing how our lives are like railway tracks…and sometimes they intersect and you meet really nice people. Well we met Peter Filtenborg…a nice cool chap from Denmark.

It was nice getting to know him over breakfasts and long runs…trips to the prata house and the Bishan bubble tea stall. Imagine a group of 20yr old dudes spitting pearls into the bushes like cheeky primary school kids.  It was nice just sitting by the playground while Justin reminisced the good old days when he pasted wet toilet paper on the ceiling. Hahaha.

Well, I also made a discovery. Whether we’re Singaporean, Malaysian or Danish, we all share the common language of talking kok. I’ll miss the funny conversations and his amazing stories of Denmark and his life as a lead guitarist in a Beatles cover Band.

It was only fitting then that we had a lunch in honour of Peter after our Stan Chart Marathon. He really enjoyed his chicken rice and hokkien mee…a real foodie monster he is.

I realised that no matter how cool and stoic he always seems…he was really touched when we all gathered at the airport on wed night…and the ever sweet Cuochen helped to carry his guitars,bags and fetched him to the airport. I’m always grateful that our team is made up of so many sweet and wonderful people.

That’s what makes NUS cross country so  special: the warmth and the everlasting friendship.

Thanks Guys…and one day I hope to see Peter in Denmark!

Peter and the Gang

An Ode to Peter,
Our running pal from denmark.

As charming as Leonardo dicaprio,
Stunning in his blue striped Giordano polo.
Adept at the chopstick and the Mandolin,
Always great company for dinner at Al Ameen.
He blazes a fiery trail on the track in his Nikes,
Flies along the Macritchie trails startling the monkeys
This is peter,
The hunk from Denmark.

Melvin =)


2 thoughts on “So Long Peter

  1. We’ll visit him one day. Eric, you pay for the air tickets. I’ll settle the lodging…at Peter’s house haha

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