My New Sony Walkman W252

I was cynical.

I don’t dig listening to tunes along my run.  This distaste, I owe mostly to my experience of going on a run with my iPod Nano, a birthday gift from my mom.  The wires jumping up and down, getting in the way of my hands.  Perhaps the nano was a small dude, but there wasn’t really anywhere for me to house the little fella in my running shorts – he had to cram into the little coin pouch on the right.  And no, I wasn’t about to blow some bucks buying one of those sweat-accumulating armbands to stow the little fella in.

The point is, after that experience, I never went running to my tunes anymore.

So when Norman and Zakiyah tried to talk me into it, I was cynical.

The nifty little W252 Walkman by Sony was a prize for writing a nice “freshman reflection” on the NUS Cross-Country blog, and ‘em two talked me into taking my new friend out for a run.

I took the little dude and plugged him into my Vaio notebook.  Immediately noticeable was how the whole gang did a quick self-installation of themselves and did not require any software for music transfer.  It was a simple drag-and-drop thing, much like using a thumb-drive – A real smart thing compared to the cheem-eology of “synchronising” my iPod nano to iTunes.  Drag-and-drop convenience also meant that the W252 could double-up as a device for me to share music between my brother’s computer and mine i.e I could easily “kope” my bro’s music.  With 2GB of memory, we still had some room after I pumped the fella about 1hr 40mins of fast tunes by Hillsong, all at a good quality level of 192Kbps.  Satisfied that 1hr 40mins would be more than enough for my run, I slipped on my kicks and hit the pavement.

Joe Houston and gang started to let it out in my ears, as I took happy steps along the East Coast Park connector from Kembangan MRT.   Happy jogging I did, and it took me a while but I realised that I wasn’t doing Wing Chun with any wires as I did when I ran with my iPod.

“Maybe this ain’t such a bad idea all…”

Besides the Wing Chun, another thang that turned me off from running with tunes previously was that earpieces tend to come off easily when I’m running.  Of course, you could pay more to get one of those inner earpiece thingies that stick more tightly and don’t come off.  The W252 uses that inner earpiece thingy so it fits pretty snugly.

When the drummer and bassist got too excited, my thumb easily found its way to the volume controls on the right-side.  A flick of the equally-accessible stick-on-a-wheel -scroller allowed Hillsong to give me an encore of my favourite tracks, or skip a track that wasn’t in my hood.

With my new-found-friend being water-resistant, I could easily wash the dirt and sweat off him with some warm water.  Now, I’d have to add hear that we have to be good boys and girls and read the instructions first – because the W252 is Water-RESISTANT, which is NOT THE SAME as WATER-PROOF.  This means that you can’t just dunk the whole chap, and instructions say that you’re only suppoused to use water to wash it, not detergent or Bandung.

So Norman and Zakiyah, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  With the W252 being such a good buddy on our first run, I think he’ll be joining me more often.

Philip doing his stretching

Getting ready for his run

happy with his prize 😀



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