hi. as usual, i’d like to give a very long post cos i just have WAYYY to much to say. so

to prepare you my darling crossers/readers, here’s a brief summary of what im gna cover in today’s post (whoa i feel like a lecturer):

1) summary of December (more focus on xmas)

2) New year’s eve

3) a happy run + farewell for eeghim, kelly & guochen (2 Jan’11 today)

ok so here i go!

1) since exams have ended, trainings have been in small tiny groups. we don’t see stampedes around on the track, we have attendance of about no more than 10 ppl at training . small, but cosy. heh. it does feel kinda weird when those on attachment/reservist/holidays dont come. and well, many many many gazillion events have occured. haha be it harry potter marathon, stand chart race, our farewell to danish peter, AUG in Thailand, TAMAN NEGARA (justin has promised to do a post about it… but its january already!!), random outing of gulliver’s travels or tron, celebration of december babies guochen eric meihui siewmin jayanta, etc.

December’10 has been a pretty fun month, especially since the sem had just ended, and i was most excited for the xmas party on the 26th – mostly because right after exams the  houseelves have trained hard – in terms their lungs and guitar playing skills with the frequent visits to my humble home. and i was in christmas mood the WHOLEEEE of december. Even with CCCCC, we’ve had a great deal of fun preparing our performance for everyone (maybe apart from norman who probably felt scarred for life displaying his feminine side to the rest of the team hehe.) i hope you guys enjoyed it. 🙂

So, on the day itself,  33 people came in their red /green & some bling – some guys had specially bought magnetic earrings for the event, and guochen had bought himself a bling shirt, melvin brought a special family heirloom for his bling hehe and the girls (well.. girls didnt have that much trouble getting bling. hahaha).

started off the night with some christmas caroling with the houseelves (jayanta, melvin, ben, anne, tricia, mel.t caisang)  in memory of dobby the houseelf. Following after, we had our romantic candle lit dinner outside the house. Fortunately, there was more than enough food phew! and most of it got finished by the end of the night. Then we had our special performance by the CrossCountryChristmasCheeseCake, and a fierce fight of charades! between Merry & Christmas. hahaha most of us had a really good laugh by our Really ENTERTAINING actors teshil, alvinlow, meihui, siewmin, anne, eeghim, val, jinyang. Afterwhich we had special performances of viva la vida by zhenghong on the guitar, and norman doing his rendition of Dynamite & Love the way you lie and justin&anne the TH RR Captains doing a duet on Hey Soul Sister & It’s Not Easy. Our team is made up of multi-talented people! can run, act, sing, play guitar whoooo~ 

part of our potluck FOOOODDD yumyum

actress meihui during charades

Anne & Justin’s Duet (:

Then  we had GIFT EXCHANGE! where we drew lots & received our presents from under the Christmas tree hehe. i received a cute puppy pencil box from mel.t which had chocolate sweets inside + monopoly deal cards!! 😀 and then we ended night off with our last rounds of caroling, which included of a duet by excaptains mel&mel dedicated to our team 🙂


Teshil happy with his gift exchange 😀

house elves 🙂

group photo @ xmas party red/green & some bling!


2) on the 31st of December, we had another randomly/fun get-together at CCAB. yes ccab. in addition to our extra hardcore slope training, we celebrated the december babies birthdays there in the morning, took a class photo with the guys looking all serious and the girls being our happy usual selves hehe. 

during our lunch @ adam road hawker centre, PCK randomly walks up to the girls and casually asks, “Hey! do you want to play computer game?”  with a cheeky look on his face. -_-! For some reason, it was persuasive enough to get CaiSang, Siewmin & myself to join him, Ee Ghim, Jayanta & Melvin to experience siewmin’s amazing driving to Beauty World and play LAN (L4D2). All of us were still considered noobs. xcept for Eeghim and PCK. I rmbed screaming everytime a zombie attacked me when i was a human. and had a hard time trying to control how to move because i would come down a staircase and find myself stuck in a corner and i would struggle to turn the mouse again and again just to turn around. or when i tried to attack as a zombie, i ended up charging into a wall or some random pillar instead of a human. :\ but with some help, all of us noobs slowly became pros! heh. i’d spent the last day of 2010 playing LAN for the first time in my life.

class photo for december babies gc, (eric @ work), meihui, siew min & jayanta

at night, we had a little celebration at home with a series of games, turning on the tv to channel 5 at 1155pm to countdown with the people at marina, and spraying partythingys all around at each other. followed by movies zombieland & the longest yard and then mcdonald bfast.

3) TODAY: Emelyne had stayed over at my place so that this morning we could wake upat 630am and run to mac ritchie from home! took us about 55min jog & happy talking. when i reached, i took it easy with another 8km. DIdnt even feel like i had ran for an hour just before that. but emelyne was really amazing, she kept up with the girls and did an additional 8+4km! and we might be doing it again next weekend! hehe.

Just for laughs: random photo of kelvin & nic tey stretching after macritchie run. hehe

after that, we had our special farewell for Eeghim (texas tuesday 6am flight), Kelly (north carolina tuesday 11:55pm flight) & Guochen (Sweden, 10 jan) at a hawker centre near Junction 8. As the MacRitchie ppl were early birds, we walked around S11 and bought bubble tea, and then the girls decided to try this spinning thingy in the playground. ZOMG. we spinned until we were feeling SO giddy we could still feel ourselves spinning when we were walking. heh.it was still pretty fun. it was a little difficult for some of us espeically anne to walk properly or enjoy her lunch after that though!! 😦 well, the rest of us had a happy yummy chicken rice lunch 🙂 and eeghim being an uncle, wanted to enjoy his last chicken rice meal well he ordered extra rice and sat by the table like an ahpek finishing every SINGLE grain in his bowl. haha

kelly's last run in Mac Ritchie

ee ghim's last chicken rice in singapore

gc's last koi?

bye kelly, eeghim & guochen!!! ):

and then a few of us bought koi bubble tea and headed to the arcade in juncton 8 where the guys were going nuts over DAYTONA that ended very pleasantly. followed by fooseball, basketball, airhockey & tennis playing. it was really entertaining 🙂

guys on daytona

photo of the day


One thought on “HAPPY 2011 EVERYBUDDY.

  1. First time playing LAN/L4D2 = lost of innocence.

    Heh PCK’s must have some persuasive skills… too much zombie-killing makes me unable to run straight..

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