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It’s that time of the year again, when everyone’s preparing and/or racing hard. While it’s important to focus on the current races, it’s also great to give future races a consideration. Imagine, groans of regret sound out as potential runners find out that they missed the deadline by a day, forgot to sign up, lazy to sign up, slept through the registration date, et cetera et cetera et cetera. If you were wondering why my examples were so specific, ask me during training and I’ll tell you. With. A. Punch.

Now, let’s take a look at the various races that are there in the next two sexy, sexy months. Races in February (too late to sign up, babes):

Safari Zoo Run: 12 Feb 2011,

I took a look at the website to get a feel of the race and lo and behold, I was greeted by a banner depicting various representative animals running towards an unknown goal. Not wanting to be left behind, a threesome of runners athletically jogged behind. Mulling upon the implications of the banner, I realized that this run could be potentially awesome. I mean, look at the banner. Even the polar bear is being a great sport by running with the tiger, giraffe and elephants. The beasts, including Mr. Tiger, have put aside their differences and are going to run. If that’s not an indication of a good event, do tell me what is. Also, I was once told that the run is smelly. I suspect a lot of people will reach their PB in this race, cause, you know, they gotta finish it before they collapse from the intense heady fragrance of men and beasts, rubbing shoulders and attempting to overtake each other (sorry women we all know you don’t smell bad). For those who are racing, good luck.

SURF n Sweat: 13th Feb 2011,

Aaaah, what could be a better combination than the paddling in the sea and running on the beach? Organized by our friends from the island of NTU, Surf N Sweat (SnS) is an annual event challenging runners use both their hands AND their feet. Personally, this has been a fun race for me, if not for the fact that I keep missing it every year from forgetting to sign up. Shame on me, *knocks. Those who are not so keen on running can take part in their companion events, such as Ultimate Frisbee, Captains’ Balls, Soccer, Handballs, Volleyball and Handball. With an eclectic mix of events, I have a feeling it’s sure to please anyone. Personally, I liked this race because the atmosphere’s pretty good. I mean, in the past they had alcohol and cute girls (it IS Sentosa after all). Again, good luck to those who are participating! The sea shouldn’t be too choppy…I think.

MR25 15km Progressive Run, 7th March 2011,

Following the spirit of this nation, MR25 organizes races that PROGRESSES (see what I did there?) throughout the year. Second in the series, MR25’s race in MacRitchie is sure to delight runners who would like a challenge in the forest trail. More a reminding than informing, don’t forget to join this if you are interested in building up to the marathon at the end of this year. Nice people, good route, great times babeh.

Run & Raisin, 12th March 2011,

I saw this in the email thread, and thought that it’d be good to give it a shout out. You know the warm feeling that you get after a running charity run? It’s not acid reflux buddy, it’s the warmth of humanity and hope for the future welling up in that cavity in your chest that contains your beating, pumping heart. Well, unless you’re me, who is (anecodatally) said to not have one. In that case, go support Mel (‘s friend) and just run for a good cause! Think about those kids man. Think about how they’ll get an education and go on to do good stuff for society. Think.

There’s something somewhere for everyone, so get out there and move your legs people. I’ll be updating as I find the inspiration to type more. It’s time for class! So see you when I see you when I see you.

Signing out,

Jackie “Hairy/Wolfie”, NUS Cross Country, Self-Appointed Race Guy.


Q: When will you cut your hair? A: Next question please.

Q: Where’s the love for Biathlons and Triathlons and Duathlons Jackie? A: I can’t love so many things buddy. Gimme time, I MIGHT make a post about it.

Q: Jackie you are so cool and handsome!!! *faints A: That wasn’t even a question. It never was.


2 thoughts on “Some Info and Stuff

  1. LOL!!! jackie!! go join the prince of wales race!! and take lots of pictures with the beer belly. ahahahaha.. should be hilarious

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