Blog Announcement & Good Luck for Exams!!!

Hello Hi Hey~

Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s that time of the year again, when everyone’s preparing not for races, but for exams. Before you are totally engulfed by the long and torturous examinations, let us bring you through a series of exciting blogging events you can look forward to. But before that, let us first introduce ourselves. We are your newly appointed cool, charming, cute, classy, committed and cultured blog administrators, who are searching for a brave soul to step up and take the role of main coordinator while we help him/her out. And we see your volunteer hands! You may approach us during training:D

Jokes aside, our main objective of running the blog proper is to encourage readership and to build up an active blogging community. Looking back on previous posts, many of the shared running experiences (ranging from an 800m race to a 70.3 miles ironman triathlon) have inspired us in various ways. We would therefore like to encourage you guys to share your running experiences here and use it as a platform to motivate people continue running.

So here are some interesting upcoming features of our blog (where upcoming means somewhere in May after our exams):

Story of the week

As a once-every-two-weeks highlight of the blog, a specially chosen member of the team would be invited to write about any of his or her running-related experiences. And we really mean “invite”; invitation card will be given out personally for the lucky one. Don’t worry, we are not here to torture you with more essays and assignments. You will have a sufficient preparation period of 2 weeks.

Blogging competition

Regretted for missing the deadline of Why We Run or not having a chance to take part in Freshie Blog Competition just because you are no longer a freshie? Good news then, because this time round we will have more blogging contests with different theme throughout the semester. Look out for more details as the time goes.

Running calendar

Looking for races but too lazy to do random search? A running calendar will be added to the blog and you can find out more about internal, external, local and overseas races here. But this may require slightly more time because we are still figuring out how to do so.

The list goes on, but as your considerate blog admin (another adjective), we do understand that your time and attention are limited. As a final word, look out for our upcoming blogging events and we sincerely hope that you can show us your support in one way or another. You may start blogging here if you are bored studying too.

Last but not least, all the best for your exams:D

Signing out,
Jackie and Emelyne

P.S. Stand a chance to win an exclusive prize by guessing which one of us wrote this. Send in your answer by leaving a comment for this post. Closing date: 6 May, 2359. Winner will be announced during cross back together outing on 7 May. Remember to indicate your name and one guess per person please!


11 thoughts on “Blog Announcement & Good Luck for Exams!!!

  1. huh why do you sign out as jackie & emelyne and ask which one of you wrote this?

    I GUESS BOTH WROTE TOGETHER!! if i win please keep for me till july ^^

  2. it’s emelyne successfully sounding like jackie..and for the comment it’s sarah successfully sounding like emain..cos emain’s caps lock got break one suddenly there’ll be a small alphabet then go back to big, then her emotions are uncontrollable too there’ll be like 5 smileys at one shot, and sarah tends to add an ‘s’ behind her hahaha and lol. hurr i dunno i anyhow whack one

  3. LOL SARAH/E-MAIN TT’S SO FUNNY!!! i guess its sarah even though it was so e-main. Cos e-main spams 😀 and (: too!!!

    And so sad nobody thinks i m the future m’sian politician T.T Haha thanks nic for ur strange feeling!



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