My Long Run on Sundays

Disclaimer: I am writing this not because I am the blog administrator. It just happened that my last Sunday run of the semester ended with a huge sense of accomplishment, which made me feel like sharing it here. So here is the story about my Sunday run. Hope u’ll enjoy reading it (:

For those of you who don’t know, I am the girl who runs to macr from school every Sunday morning. The one who runs there, does one loop in macr, and runs back to school sometimes. I always say that I am clocking mileage for my marathon whenever people question why I run so much. But the truth is, I m just giving myself a reason to run more.

So why do I run so much? I guess it’s because I like doing long run. But why do I like long run? This, I wonder why too.

I first started running in JC. Back then, the team wasn’t as big. Nonetheless, it was a great team. We did a lot of seemingly boring long runs, like running 15km on the field. Yet running with the team was never boring. The guys would bring Chinese chess pieces, put them on the chair and dropped them one by one onto the track every 3 rounds (1k equivalent). We cheered each other on as the chess pieces werebeing  removed. Admittedly, long run is an arduous journey. But running with people makes it feel effortless. In any case, long run always ends with a great sense of accomplishment.

Trainings were slightly different in NUS. Doing drills on the field brought back a sense of nostalgia. Although workouts and intervals brought much accomplishment, the feeling was different. So I started doing my own long run to macritchie, in search for the feeling I had lost. I never expected anyone to run with me and I thought I had to rely on my good old memories to keep me going. Yet to my surprise, Bhavesh started joining me, and Nic and Melvin joined us few weeks later. All of them seemed to have enjoyed the running journey. That’s when I started asking people to join me running to macr.

And slowly, new memories started to form.

My long run to macr became more exciting during December holiday. I stayed over at Kelly’s, Tricia’s and Cai Sang’s place, and ran with them from their places to macr.

Soon, school reopened and the running group grew. It reached record high when Cai Sang, Brittany, Bhavesh and Philip joined. Shortly after, Calvin joined, followed by Bee. Patrick and Jackie appeared once as special guests, in the morning before Japan 10k Run.

Then exams came, and almost everyone stopped running to macr. Except for a few individuals who have their own reasons to continue.

The first one is Eugene, who could afford the time to run because he has no exams (he is an incoming freshie). He ran from school two weeks ago, did another 18k in macr, and ran back to school. Total 38k. I admire his passion in running and finally found somebody who ran more than me. 

Next, there are Yannick and Kelvin, who are training for their sundown marathon. Yannick promised that he would run to macr from school one day before he graduates. He is truly a man of his word.  

The forth one is Nic, who started joining us again a few weeks ago. Nic has been running consistently to clock mileage for BIG. Every Sunday morning, he would start running earlier before joining us to macr. I admire his perseverance.

And the last person is me. I continue running to macr, simply because I like doing long run. I like long run, because it reminds me of my old memories while allowing me to form new ones. My long run to macr has indeed ended with a great sense of accomplishment.  Yet this time round, it is another kind of accomplishment.  The sense of accomplishment comes not from the mileage I’ve clocked, but from the satisfaction of introducing long run to others and knowing that they enjoyed it. With the next season coming in October, our Sunday run would soon be switched back to hard run. So for those of you who have not tried running to macr, you should perhaps try it once during the coming holiday. And I hope you will enjoy your long run to macr, because I’ve truly enjoyed it (:



3 thoughts on “My Long Run on Sundays

  1. tricia likes this post. THUMBS UP emelyne! 🙂 you can stayover again at my place again next sem 😀 you’ve been a real good influence + inspiration. 😉

  2. Be very careful when you cross the filter lanes near lornie road! BE VERY VERY CAREFUL! We have young, arrogant and dumb drivers who drive recklessly in Singapore

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