Race Space: May – June (Part 1)

Hello my dear Cross teammates,

It’s that time again. What time, you ask? Well it is time for an update for races of course! The number of races are increasing yearly and 2011 is not any different! Follow me as I guide you on what races we will be looking forward to for the next TWO MONTHS. Yes, that’s right, TWO MONTHS. I’m trying to do a bimonthly sort of thing here, so do comment in the comment box for feedback, mmm kay? 🙂 Also, I’ll be splitting the post into two, to prevent eye strain.

100PLUS Passion Run 2011: 21st May, http://www.singaporepassionrun.com (CLOSED)

Come friends, do you know what is the most important thing in running? You over there. Talent, you say? Yes yes, of course. How about you there? Hard work, you shout? Indeed. What’s that, that young man over there? You say passion? Passion? PASSSSSSSSSSION?For that excellent answer, I’d like to pat your back and agree with you. Passion is the word of the day, at least on the 21st of May 2011. On this day, we will be seeing runners of all sizes, age and interests coming together for a nice run on the East Coast. For the competitive category, there will be 25km Open, 12km Open and Veteran. Personally, I am surprised there isn’t a 25km veteran category. On the other hand, judging from the thematic approach the organizers have taken in their website, I wonder…
At any rate, even if you are not taking part in the race, do give a look at the website and have a good laugh at the caricatures the website has on the various people that we (too) often encounter during races. While drawn in a way that really exemplifies the stereotype, I find myself chuckling at the portrayal nonetheless. One thing isn’t there though. They missed out “NUS Cross Country Athletes”. We are a different breed, after all.

ALIVE Run 2011: 22nd May, http://www.aliverun2011.org/ (CLOSED)

Aaaah, ALIVE Run. I remember joining it last year. Similarly, it was and is held in the East Coast park, albeit in a different area than above. Anyway, being a charity run, it’d be good for those who’d like to kill multiple stones with one bird. I mean, it’s so awesome. You can 1) do your part for charity by doing what you can do best, 2) do a long run and/or even a tempo run if you’re feeling up to it and 3) soak in the atmosphere of a lot of people running. The organizers last year weren’t too bad, and we had some entertainment like bands to boot. Overall, last year’s run was good and I wouldn’t expect this year’s to be any different. Regrettably, registration is over due to the quota being filled up. For those who are going/went for this run, good on you mate!

Metta Charity Run 2011: 4th June, http://www.metta.org.sg/mettarun2011/index.html (STILL OPEN)

Metta is a Buddhist welfare association that provides quality health care and welfare services for the needy and less fortunate, regardless of race or religion, according to its website. Don’t just take my word for it, visit http://www.metta.org.sg/english/abt_intro_metta.html for more details. These guys are doing a great thing out there, taking care of not just old folks, but also the disabled and people from needy families. As such, do do a part by signing up for this race! Yes, race and not run. There are prizes for the top three, but I think the greatest prize, should you choose to participate is a warm feeling you get when you know you are doing a part for charity. 🙂 This 1okm is held in  (guess where!) East Coast. There is a 5km event available too, but I’m afraid that’s not applicable to people above 14 years old.

Legs and Paddle: 5th June, http://legsandpaddles.blogspot.com/ (LAST DAY TO REGISTER ON 17th MAY)

Organized by our friends from the NUS Sports Club, Legs and Paddle (LNP) is a unique combination of both kayaking followed by running. For both Men’s and Women’s Open, participants will have to (GASP) kayak 6km and then run the same distance. For us Crossers who are used to just using our feet, this may prove to be quite a grueling challenge. I took part in this last year and boy oh boy did I kayak for my life. You’ll be so jelly after the 6km kayak you’d be collapsing after that (if it’s a solo challenge). Alternatively, there is the “Team Relay”, involving four parcipants: two to run and two to kayak. Perhaps you can find a pair of dragonboaters/canoeists out there and join in. I can almost imagine a dream team forming, yknow, between these two CCAs. But be quick, registration is almost over and the last day for walk in registration is on the 17th of May. I’d hurry, if I were you and I was interested. Nevertheless, do give it a try.

That’s all for now, folks. It’s 3am now and I’m both hungry and tired. While the first part of the post isn’t really informative (face it, four races and only one and a half is truly available for registration? Shame on you Jackie), do look out for the second part coming soon and I look forward to writing it too! Good luck and goodbye!

Race Guy


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