End of Season Review – I Choose Love.

The season has come to an end, and this will mean that my term as team manager has ended as well. I must say that it has been a journey that i’ll not forget. Besides it being a little dream fulfilled that i was able to serve the team, it has also been a journey of ups and downs, learning things along the way and probably matured a little bit more for e rest of my life journey. Of course, it has been an opportunity to get to know more people n hopefully, touched the lives of the people.

Some people might be asking me, what are some of my takeaways during my term? How do i feel and stuff..maybe i hope you can give me the chance to share it with you here in this blog, and YES hoepfully you’ll read it till e end.

In general, besides having a good running year(good timings, making the cut to sUNIg as a reserve and other landmarks), i believe i also had a decent term, alongside with the rest of the committee to help manage this team. Looking at the team expanding with a huge intake of freshmen in Aug, to the 1st ever Cross Country camp( a miracle in my perception), sUNIg( where the ladies won n the men were 2nd), success in IVP Track n field, The team trip to Taman Negara, and not forgetting the various cross country races, it has been heartening to see the team so big compared to when i first joined the team in Aug 2008. I am deeply grateful for the privilege and honour to serve the team with the best of my abilities. Of course there are things i have done well and there are also some that i didn’t do it that well. For those things that i have not exactly done well to your expectations, I apologise and i seek your forgiveness. For the things that i have done well enough, i hope i have been able to bless you and alongside my batch of committee members, made your time in the team an enjoyable one.

I must do admit that a little regret i might have is that i may not have build a strong friendship with everyone, i apologise but i want to let you know that i love everyone of you and appreciate your friendship and i hope i can catch up and connect with you during the holidays, whether be it at post training dinners or other possible occasions before sch starts n busy life strikes in=)

To those who i may have diasppointed: if there are things and my habits that i have disappointed you with, i sincerely apologise and will reflect upon it and work to improve on it. I hope you can be gracious enough to forgive me and help me along the way. DO continue to let me know if there are things that i have not done well, i will continue to listen, engage and reflect.

Then, you probably be thinking, with all those things mentioned above, why ” I choose love” at the title? How is it related?

During my term as team manager, a number of events has made me think a lot and hopefully mature in the way i do things, how i see people and things. One of the key aspects is on how i see people n manage them. Despite the highs, there were a few  lows, for e.g the management of the blog, and somehow affected people in the team.

As far as the bonding with the majority is pretty good, we can definitely do more to enhance the bonding of this team. What made this team such a closely knitted family unit is really our willingness to embrace and accept one another. As the team grows bigger, there will be many, different personalities and all of us come from different and unique backgrounds. Despite the differences, we come together as one because of more than just the passion for running, but our connection and friendship with one another. During my team manager term, a number of the people, be it seniors or freshmen, spoke of how this team’s like a family. My biggest wish, before i graduate is that this team can really a group of people who not just come together becasue of the love of running, but a group of people who are friends for life.

At the same time, as we continue to embrace and accept various people, i feel that we have to be aware that because of our imperfections, we may either offend or hurt or disappoint from time to time. However, i believe this is when we make a choice, whether to nurse that pain and allow it to rot our hearts or do we choose love to actually forgive the hurt( of course time is required and restitution of trust is required) and still be gracious to accept and embrace one another? I am pretty sure that such times will come to test the depths of the friendship, and i believe it’s our decision to love one another in spite of tough times that will keep this team closely knitted and connected.This will also mean so expectation management from everyone of us, in a sense of give and take for things to work out=)

As the new season edges in, i would like to urge EVERYONE of us to really make a decision to say, ” I Choose Love” and continue to embrace, accept and love not just the graduating seniors and the current seniors, but also the new incoming freshmen. The strength of this team is NOT just built upon the new team leadership, the strength and unity of this team is dependent on ALL of us.This team can only be as strong as how strong the people want it to be and it is the people and the human spirit that will enable the team to move forward to greater heights.

To the new team leadership: As i mentioned before, i see a dynamic, energetic and strong team in the 6 of you. I know that you guys can lead this team to greater heights and wanna believe that you will continue to stay strong, energetic and dynamic and you will outdo the previous committee=) Do feel free to speak to me for anything, ultimately all of us are friends to one another.=)

Meantime, all the best to the graduating seniors and almuni who have entered the society and to the rest of us, have a blessed holidays, enjoy and have fun!=)

yours sincerely,

Nic Tey=)




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