May Update

Hi all!!!

The long awaited monthly update has finally arrived! Here we are to summarize our cross country outings and external races that our friends have taken part in the month of May:

May 07: Cross Back Together (or Cross Bake Together)
A dinner filled with home baked delights featuring bruschetta, pizzas, jellyhearts and homemade fruit cake.
Quote from Ben: “Glad to see the baking thing still going strong. heh. Am proud of y’all. I can graduate in peace.”

May 14-25: Mauritius Trip
Nice beaches, nice food, nice weather and nice company. Thanks Tesh for organizing the trip (:

From left (guys): Eric, Melvin, Norman, Eugene, Azrul From right (girls): Shanqi, Mei Hui, Siew Min

May 26-28: Cross Country Chalet
Everyday I’m shuffling. Check out the comm dance on fb!!! Hope u guys have enjoyed watching it 😀

happy family (:

May 07: Nike Goddess Run 2011
Participants: Mei Hui, Sarah Tan, Shanqi, Ameera, Meiyi.
Check out Sarah Tan’s post at Post Race Thoughts!!!

May 08: Best Friend Run
Participants: Bee, Emelyne, Patrick, Giri
Check out Bee’s post at Post Race Thoughts!!!

May 21: 100PLUS Passion Run
Participants: Emelyne, Justin, Nic, Giri, Roy, Elrick, Eric Ang

May 28: Sundown Marathon 2011
Participants: Yannick, Kelvin Ling, Calvin Sutiono, Eugene

Last but not least, we have Nic, the winner of blog guessing competition, to share with us his running-related story. Check out his post at Story of the Week!!!

Have fun reading (:

Signing out,
Emelyne and Jackie
(Your cool, classy, cute and committed cross blog admin who are still searching for the brave soul)


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