June Update

Hi all!!!

The month of June was a quiet one, with most of us going for personal holiday vacation. Yet some of them were reminiscing about the series of exciting cross events in May, in particular the Mauritius trip. Want to know what’s so fun about Mauritius? Check out the 10 reasons why you should visit Mauritius, by Mei Hui and Shanqi, in the post below to find out the answer!!!

The month of June was also a remarkable one, with a few of our inspiring teammates completing distances ranging from half marathon to ultra marathon. Kudos to the following participants of the respective race who have done us proud:

Sundown Ultramarathon (25 june 2011): Fabian Hia, Alvin Low, Elrick Han
KL Standard Chartered Marathon (26 june 2011): Nic Tey, Wei Chong, Emelyne Teo

Jackie: “Don’t forget to congratulate Emelyne if you see her online/in real life! She is after all our very own MARATHON CHAMPION LEHHHHH!”

Last but not least, we are honored to have Azrul, our male ex-captain, to share with us what NUS cross country team meant to him. Check out his post at story of the month!!!

Have fun reading!

Signing off,
Emelyne and Jackie


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