July Update

Hi all!!!

Here is a quick update on the races and activities for the month:

July 10: Jurong Lake Run
Women’s Team: Siew Min, Emelyne, Zakiyah, Mei Hui, Sarah, Anne
Men’s Team: Justin, Giri, Norman, Yannick, Jovian
Mixed Team: Melvin, Mel Lim, Mel Tan, Yap Xiong, Roy, Ben

Go TeamNUS!!!

July 10: Race Against Cancer
Participants: Azrul, Kelly

July 24: Shape Run
Participant: Kelly

A few of our teammates (Wei Chong, Yap Xiong and Kelly) have shared their race experiences in our blog. Please check it out at https://nusxcountry.wordpress.com/post-race-thoughts/ .

July 22-24: Cross Overseas Trip

Group photo at kelong restaurant (:

July 28 : Cross Outing at USS

Can you spot Azrul?

This month, we have Melvin Lee, one of our beloved ex-captains, as the guest writer for story of the month. Read about his post, new season, new happenings, at https://nusxcountry.wordpress.com/story-of-the-month/.

With the new semester starting soon, we hereby wish you a good semester ahead. Study hard, train harder and play the hardest!!!

Signing off,
Emelyne and Jackie



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