Cross Camp Reflection

Hi everyone! This is Eugene here writing my virgin blog post for cross. The reason why you are seeing this post is because Emelyne arrowed me to write a post about cross camp. When your boss asked you to do stuff, you just have to do it. And that’s what I am doing now, haiz…

Back to the main topic, I was late for the camp itself as I attended some sharing session that ended just before 8pm. By the time I joined in, it was already sorting time. As a result, I did not get to really interact much with my fellow freshies which also meant not getting to know the girlsL  Anyway, I put on a bright pink “sorting” hat that doesn’t suit me at all and was sorted to Gryffindor.

Me in the sorting hat

We were then dispersed to the various locations to shower. For my OG, we went to some haunted part of RVR where there wasn’t a single soul around. Nonetheless, mid-way during the shower, we were chased off by a random guy who said the place was for the occupants there (as if there was anyone staying there in the first place). As a result, Tricia and Kelly had to go all the way to SRC to shower while the guys had to finish showering and get out from there asap. We proceed to SRC for dinner where Calvin bought curry rice for us. The meal was ok to me since I had poor taste buds. But I heard some comments about it. Although there wasn’t any girl in my OG then, it was still fun interacting with the freshies in my OG to make it up for me missing the orientation games earlier. After dinner, it was an information sharing session about the cross team. Justin gave a very good briefing and ironically, I see myself in the pictures during presentation despite being a freshman myself. We were given towels which E-main claimed she sew some of the words herself (I TOTALLY BELIEVE YOU, E-MAIN. REALLY! ) and went to MPSH 6 to sleep. Knowing the amount of sweat and footprints on the cheerleading mats (I was in cheer for rag), I did not sleep on them. It wasn’t long before we went to slumber land.

At 0700 hours sharp, we woke up for a run to Hort Park. As I don’t usually join in for Wed’s easy run, it was a unique experience for me as I never ran there before. The route was quite scenic with lots of greenery and interesting sights. However, it was not all smooth sailing. Somehow, we stopped at the wrong location and in the end, we were the last OG to arrive despite being the first to move off. Breakfast with simple with bread and biscuits but sometimes, it is the company that is important, especially with two girls in my OG now. After some time, we went off for the main highlight of the camp: The Amazing Race.

The race was indeed amazing. We practically had to travel from one end of Singapore to the other with stations at locations like West Coast, Turf City, Macrichite, Botanic Gardens and Bedok Reservoir. (notice any similarities/familiarities). For Gryfindor, we started off from West Coast Park clearing some obstacles course aka playground with our limbs tied to each other. We went to Botanic Gardens next which took like forever on public bus (it has been a while since I took public transport). Nonetheless, we make use of this time to get to know each other more. For me, I manage to find out more about Siew’s friend from NTU. (I think many will know who that person is). We arrived at Botanic Gardens to play a game lasting 10 minutes crawling through a web set up by Eric Chan, Nic Tey and Calvin. (it is so not worth our travelling time) We were then sent off to Bedok Reservoir which we protest not to as time was short. But it was all in vain. Over there, we played a game where we feed each other water melon without any utensils and have to squeeze oranges using our biceps. At least we had our fill with watermelons and oranges before heading back to school.

Feeding each other watermelon

Back in school, I had to leave for a road relay time trial which ironically I did not take part in the end. During my absence, I heard the guys were playing the MRT game and there was a cheer showdown which Tricia was quite enthusiastic about (she even ask us to rehearse in the MRT). Before we know it, the camp has ended.

The camp has been quite fun and interesting. I finally get to know more fellow freshmen after spending months training with the seniors. I also get to interact with seniors get I hardly talked to before like Tricia and Kelly. Before I end off, I like to thank the organizing committee and seniors for planning and execution of the camp. See you all in the next training and have fun running!!!

P.S: All photos are from Facebook since I didn’t take any pictures (I am camera shy)


One thought on “Cross Camp Reflection

  1. Eugene, you looked absolutely stunning in your sorting hat. Sigh I should have been there. sounds like awesome fun. haha nice post!

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