Races Update

Hi all!

A quick update on the races our teammates participated in over the last two months:

Oct 9: Nike Run
10km women result: Siew Min (1st)
Other Participants: Sarah, Mei Hui, Tricia, Zakiyah, Valerie, Justin, Patrick, Alvin Low, Eric Chan

Oct 30: Taiwan Half Marathon Relay
Result: Team 4th Position (Siew Min, Xinqi, Kai Ming)

The quartet who did us proud (:

Dec 04: Standard Chartered Marathon

Full Marathon: Patrick, Alvin Lee, Alvin Low, Azrul, Kelvin Ling, Eric Chan, Kelly, Bee, Cai Sang, Genesis
Half marathon: Mei Hui, Sarah
10km: Yannick (9th position)

Also, this will be the last update from the both of us. Kelly and Philip will be our next blog admin and update our blog subsequently. Do show them your support by sharing your race experiences when approached!

Enjoy your holidays (:

Signing off,
Emelyne and Jackie



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