Christmas Gathering 2011

Every December spells time for monsoons, feasts, shopping, presents, StanChart marathon… but amongst all these, it’s time for a very merry Cross Country Christmas! On 26th Dec Boxing Day, after several days of log cakes and turkey, the team gathered on for even more feasting. To satiate our stomachs of bottomless pits was a tremendous potluck– including a supersized roast chicken, sausages, bee hoon, sushi, rice, potato salad, tortilla chips, cakes, Garett’s popcorn (!!!), fruit platters…

After dinner, partygoers were treated to a medley of carols (rendition exclusively for NUS cross only) by the committee, wherein 50 Seng also made a cameo appearance! Following which was a charades showdown between Team Doritos and Team Ruffles. Some of us had a wicked time visually mutilating fellow crossers on the white board but the rest of us had a good laugh. The best-dressed prize went to Anne, who was really shingzzzlyclad in her own made costume. As the party came almost to an end, it turned into an impromptu showcase of talents by sentimental guitarist Norman, funky beatbox Philip and resident vocalists Zheng Hong (whose band also recently launched its debut album – do support!), and Anne.

So you think crossers can only run…? Now think again! (We also eat, sing, dance, design and sew our own clothes, and most of all, have fun!)

A BIG THANK-YOU goes to the committee for putting together the party that brought a fabulous year to end on a high note! Kudos also to all who came, brought food and sportingly (pun absolutely intended) participated.

In one way or other, 2011 was a good year for NUS cross. As a team, we received accolades in various races at the inter-varsity, national and international levels. As individuals, some of us achieved PBs, others celebrated their graduation days, yet others found jobs…and a select few also found their special someones 😛

Let’s continue to run after our passions and make 2012 another fabulous year!


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