Flagging off the race season

‘Tis the season to be racing!
To pump up your adrenaline for this time of the year, we present two races in the month of January.

Inter-hall Road Relay 2012

In the evening of 19th January, the SRC car park was engulfed in color and cheer. Due to the sheer number of crossers who live or had lived in on campus, the annual event always turns out like a NUS X-Country carnival.  We are well represented in all aspects, including…

race organizer-cum-team captain (KEVII)...Bee!

team captain (Temasek)...Anne!

team captain (Raffles)...Shan!

returning hall seniors

the impromptu team manager-cum-motivational speaker...Jolyn!

and last but certainly not least, all runners and supporters!

The strong turnout was itself a remarkable team achievement. Many of us were up against possibly the toughest competition ever that evening — our very own teammates! Some of our halls secured podium finishes, some did not, but for some of us crossers the race was yet another training session, where we continue to push one another forward!

61st SAA Cross Country Championships

Next up was the annual SAA Cross Country Championships which saw 5 NUS teams gunning for the podium — including one made up of Tristan, Ian and Daniel, some staff who had been training with us over the semester. Hurrahs for our two girls’ teams that came in 2nd (Emelyne, Kelly, Sarah, Anne) and 3rd (Bee, Zakiyah, Tricia) in the Women’s Open category 🙂

Amid the frenzy, Sarah and Joseph share their thoughts about kick starting the year with this race.

NUS Team 1: Sarah, Anne, Kelly, Emelyne

What do you feel about your performance for this race? What about the team’s performance?

Sarah: First, I must say that I hadn’t set very high expectations for myself because it’s been a while since I participated in a longer distance race and also I’d been lagging in my trainings. So its all about running my hardest and hoping for the best. So I am kind of satisfied with my results, which was faster than last year (of course, because everyone was faster too). And I’m very proud of the team’s performance; both girls and guys! 🙂

Now that SAA is over, what are your goals and plans for this year ahead?

Sarah: Actually I don’t exactly have any race plans, I normally take one race at one time. But I sure hope to break my PBs and continue getting top 10 positions!

Here’s something to share with teammates and our blog readers – what/where is your favorite run in Singapore, and why?
Sarah: I don’t really have a favourite route because novelty works best for me! I prefer to continuosly explore new routes as it motivates me to keep going. But if you like scenic routes, there are new ones around the Sengkang-Punggol areas 🙂

NUS Team 2: Jia Rong, Roy, Joseph and Jia Hao.

What do you feel about starting the new year with this race?

Joseph: I was REALLY EXCITED! Feels great to start the year doing something you love. Minutes before the race, you feel the heat from your competitors forming-up. But yet, you hope for a possibility to win, and you decide to hold on to your pace and race, come what may. I felt I set a good pace for my life in the coming year.

What did you think about during the race, what kept you going?

Joseph: This race is really an eye-opener. I have never taken part in cross-country races. It was initially demoralising to see the front runners gradually peel away from you. But I just held on. I told myself to keep running forward. You can only run forward in a race, just like in life. Like life, it is only worthwhile if you fight in the race.

What’s up for you next?

Joseph: First up: Sundown 10K. It will be great to race after the exams. I hope to break my 40min 10K barrier at Sundown.
Next stop: Training in Hawaii. I’m looking forward to learn from world-class runners when I go to Hawaii on exchange. Maybe sub-38min when I return? Hahaha.


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