Run for All :DDD

The biannual Cross-Country Carnival was a resounding success! From what I heard. Despite this being the crunch time of deadlines, there was a record turnout of almost 40 crossers – regardless of race, timing and  …(sorry I tried).

But which didn’t include me. #sadsadstory. For those who, like me, are sad to have missed out on so much fun, here are some sound bytes from fellow crossers. For those still reeling from the adrenaline, keep it going! 😀

Natalie Kuan’s 1-min Carnival Round-up
NUS cross country held its biannual cross carnival on the 20th of March. Proving that there’s more to cross country than simply running laps around the track, the carnival drew a stellar turnout for an evening of good company, fun, games and food organized by the new cross committee nominees. The carnival kicked off with a 2.4km time trial, which saw many hitting their PB’s. GOOD JOB YOU GUYS! 😀 (especially Norman & Siew for being the fastest runners, Jiahao & E-main for most improved!)

Time trial aside, it was a close fight to the finish between Tristan and Madan’s team in the 4×100 mix-team relay. Down to the wire, once the baton, er, banana we mean, was in Madan’s hands there was no stopping the speedy Gonzales from clinching 1st place for his team.

Not to forget the very exciting game of human foosball punctuated by screaming girls, shouting guys and good tackles, NUS Cross Country’s resident striker Sarah scored 2 goals just minutes into the game. (girl power!)

All in all, the event was a welcome respite amid looming deadlines, tests and presentations.  Looking forward to the next one!

Brought to you by Natalie Kuan, reporting live from the track!

Natalie & Shanqi - beaming bananas!

Tricia Chong’s “10 Reasons Why Carnival Was Thoroughly Enjoyable” (and how I missed out so bad)
I thoroughly enjoyed the cross carnival! Maybe because it was…

1) Seeing people run & seeing your teammates improve, makes me feel really happy for them (it’s really therapeutic don’t you think? compared to sitting long hours of completing deadlines, or listening to profs looking at notes blahblahblah)
2) Seeing familiar faces who’ve brought years of fun to me & also inspired me in some way or another after such a LONG time,
3) My team won foosball (YEAHH TEAM 3 you guys rock) but honestly as mentioned, the credit all goes to Sarah the soccer star, Jiarong whose legs became mega flexible after acupuncture, Tesh & and his Mauritius body, Jackie & Wilson’s awesome head-ball, Joseph’s long legs, and maybe last but not least, the screams of Zakiyah and I. And also probably, Rama, who enjoyed kicking into me instead of aiming into space. It was a really funny game, I enjoyed watching others play while i just screamed. even when my team wasn’t playing.
4) We had birthday celebrations for March babies!
5) We had luckydraw
6) Cool prizes were given out. I won nothing. but it was still amusing to see others reactions when they won something hahahaha
7) We shared food & snacks while staying healthy 😀
8) We camwhored!
9) So much screaming (esp from girls) & laughing involved.
10) It was organized by people who have passion to serve the team.. brings me tears of joy! :’)

Well I kinda have a word limit (ooops), so I shall end here for today, how can I not love this team?

It’s almost a week gone by and Tricia (right) is obviously still feeling the adrenaline rush very much.

Jackie, Zakiyah & Tricia. Human foosball FTW

Bhavesh Rajwani’s thoughts in minibytes
I think the cross carnival 2012 was quite fun. 2.4 was the only ‘serious’ training, and it was good to be relaxed and not focus on the track, for a change. Games achieved their intended purpose, and everybody worked with everybody to have fun in the spirit of friendly competition. There were more prizes than I expected to be honest, and there was enough food to go around. I think the sprints were the highlight, especially since Tristan wouldn’t stop complaining about Madan’s win.

He had spikkesss

Bhavesh's team - see Tristan looks like he is all out to nail it down! 😀

See Tricia, your max word limit was Bhavesh’s min word limit.

Koh Kai Ming’s 150-word composition (heh it really sounds like one!)
20th March was a date that most of the cross country members have been looking forward to. It’s the annual Cross Country carnival. We all knew that it is going to be a fun filled session with lots of nice food. I enjoyed how everyone participated actively in the games and added extra fun to it with all the screaming and laughing. The lucky draw was another event that took the attention of all the runners. Everyone was hoping that they will get to win the nice looking leather covered book. The food was the highlight of the event. After been through all the games and concentrating so hard on the lucky draw, it was time to relax and enjoy the awesome food prepared by the elects of the new committee. It was truly a day to bring the team closer together and a day for us to remember.

say cheese! (no, bananas!)

Last picture for good measure.
Because girls always need more airtime 😀

Kudos to the organizers for a night of crazy fun and laughter. Oh by the way, these are also prospective candidates for our upcoming committee, which means we can look forward to a crazy year ahead… banana relays for training? 😛

Signing off and promising I’ll try my best to come next week,


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