Running Novel Review: “Why We Run” by Robin Harvie

Extremely enthusiastic freshie Clara Wong writes another post – this time on a running novel she’s read.

by Clara

He had been running for almost 4 hours in a forest near his home in Denmark, so dehydrated his lips chap and he peed blood; and he is lost. Armed with only the experience of running two marathons (for the sake of participation only), Robin Harvie had the naivety to think that long-distance running was just about putting one foot down after the other. In this very moment, in a state of panic and anxiety, he started to wonder why he always had to satisfy that begging itch to run, and meting himself against so much pain from pounding on the ground for hours.

That incident happened in back in 2002. Since that day on, he had never stopped coming back for more. Race after race, marathon after marathon, he analyzed how is it that a runner like him– just doesn’t stop running! He has yet to face the biggest challenge to any ultra-distance runner, the Spartathlon! If you ever asked yourself why, why you keep gravitating towards your running shoes every morning, read this and you will find Harvie’s answers resonating within you. Everyone has a reason for running, whether it is the sense of freedom being all alone in the great outdoors or satisfying the thirst for the challenge to cover one more kilometer than the last run. Whatever the reason is, you could find it here, because you are not alone.

Besides sharing his own story, he shares stories from great runners, for instance, Roger Bannister, and the unheard stories of how the Olympics began…

It could be that you have taken up cross-country since Secondary 1, or started only months ago. But whenever you start, there must be an interesting reason why, or how, such events that led you to take up running as a sport! So what’s your story?

Why We Run- Robin Harvie

(Why We Run is priced in Kinokuniya at 22.50 or you can borrow the book from me)


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