White Christmas

Christmas time!! The NUS cross country team meets for a little get-together at Siew Min’s house! Alvin Ee writes about the event.

by Alvin Ee

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,

Just like the ones I used to know.

Where the treetops glisten,

And the children listen,

To hear the sleigh bells in the snow.”

There were neither trees nor snow, but it was (almost) a white Christmas. Decked out in white, NUS crossers gathered at Siew Min’s house once again for a belated Christmas party.

Presents under the (questionably sized) Christmas tree for the gift exchange

Presents under the (questionably sized) Christmas tree for the gift exchange

Under the patronage of hungry long distance runners, the potluck food and drinks were gone fast. Luckily the mercilessly voracious Huaqun was not there yet. Nobody else would have a chance.



With the tummies filled, Norman, Kaiming, Jia Hao, Shanqi, and Tricia went on to warm our hearts with All I Want for Christmas is You, Titanium and a Backstreet Boys’ As Long As You Love Me. Norman displayed his guitar skills while Kaiming accompanied the song with his beatboxing.

And then it was time for some good childish fun with Plasticine “broken telephone”. Each participant in Teams Eric, Melvin, Nicolas and Ben had to pass down messages by moulding a piece of Plasticine and showing it to a team member down the line before destroying the Plasticine. The abilities of the teams varied widely – Team Melvin could not even pass on “McDonalds” while Team Eric could miraculously figure out ‘ear’ and ‘diving’, although their telepathy skills were seriously doubted after game master Kaiming’s allegations of cheating. Tsktsk.

It had been years since many of us last moulded a piece of clay and it was apparent in the messages passed. “Titanic” became “overturned mushroom” and “skydiving” became “duck”. Clara the little girl of the team found the final gibberish moulds so ridiculously funny that she “had never laughed so hard at a piece of plasticine in [her] life”. Many of us older ones probably did too.

Next up, we were supposed to complete tasks that felt more like circuit training than station games. After scoring nothing from “broken telephone”, Team Melvin arguably staged the greatest comeback since Liverpool’s Istanbul miracle in 2005. Qihui was the architect, pulling off a one-man-show by skilfully guiding a piece of tissue paper over about five metres into a shoebox with just his mouth and lots of hot air. With the most onerous task tackled, the remaining two stations were breezed through. Team Melvin finished the “whack the card with another card till it flips” and “whack the book till your palm hurts and the coin flips” stages before the other three teams were even done with blowing their tissue paper.


Just… lol.

Then it was time we were waiting for – the gift exchange. Norman picked, by lucky draw, who got to choose the presents first. The gifts did not cost much – they were not meant to be – but they nevertheless brought smiles to faces as each of us unwrapped our presents, wondering what laid within.

The committee had one more game planned, but it was getting late. There was Sunday long run the next morning. The game could be saved for another time – another awesome party like this one made possible by the committee.

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas with you;

Jingle bells, all the way, all the way.”

Happy happy at the end of the night :)

Happy happy at the end of the night 🙂

May the team stick together through many more Christmases to come. Trudge on, all the way!


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