TEAM NUS CROSS COUNTRY YEAR 2013/2014 Part 1 of 2

helo all! how is everything for you guys?

its been a while since the last post.

many things happened in the year 2013/2014. many Ups and Downs!

1. Our new captains, vice captains and team manager!
LEE GUAN LIN, Captain (Male)
EMAIN LEE, Captain (Female)
JOSEPH LIEW, Vice-Captain (Male)
JENNIFER YIP, Vice-Captain (Female)
EDMUND LEONG,Team Manager (Male/Female)

2. Many new faces joined our team this year!


3. They even came down to support the SUNIG team on 17 September 2013! Image

4. We won the Sunig title for the men! our female team faced tough runners from the other schoolsfor the male team: coming in 1st was Soh Hua Qun! 4th was Banjamin Quek, 5th was Emmanuel Tapie, 6th was Su Yen Bing, 8th was Adriel Tay, 12th was Eugene See !
for the female team: coming in 3rd was Qua Bi Qi, 6th was Clara Wong, 9th-12th position in order: Chua Wan Ping, Fleur Legrain, Jennifer Yip, Lau Jia Yee!

Good Job team!!

5. We also have our very own new cross tee! designed by Clara! Image
i don’t stop when i’m tired. i stop when i’m done. inspiring words!!

6. Clara was the NUS sportswoman of the year, on 27 September 2013

7. Beep test was held on November 2013. 
In the most hotly contested Beep test ever, the Cross Country Men’s team pipped Aquathlon by a mere 0.005 of a point to come in tops. The Women’s team secured a double for Cross Country by topping the Women’s catergory.New individual best scores were set by Praveen (Badminton) for the men with a 15.2, while Bi Qi (Canoeing) did the women proud with a 12.1 effort.

MEN’s teams
1) Cross Country – Level 12.11
2) Aquathlon – 12.11
3) Canoeing – 11.8
4) Soccer – 11.6
5) Handball – 11.5
6) Ultimate – 11.4
7) Basketball – 10.10
8) Volleyball – 10.10
9) Dragonboat – 10.8
10) Silat – 10.2

WOMEN’s teams
1) Cross Country – Level 10.4
2) Canoeing – 9.8
3) Netball – 9.6
4) Floorball – 9.4
5) Handball – 8.11
6) Dragonboat – 8.4

Great job to Eugene See who was the last man standing fighting with Praveen from badminton! Keep up the good work!

More to come and keep running!



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