TEAM NUS CROSS COUNTRY YEAR 2013/2014 Part 2 of 2

hello all!

here is the 2nd part to the happenings in the year 2013/2013!

1. We have a new coach (Mr Tan) that will help Mr Quek in training the team.

Welcome to the team, Mr Tan!!!

2. We had Christmas gathering as a team at Guan Lin’s place during the December Break. potluck with good food set to filled all our tummies. We had fun with games with our very own game master Nicholas Tey to bond us further than before.
And everyone went home with a present! hope you guys can join us the next round!

3. we took part SAAA 2013 run as a team mostly the freshies for exposure.

Good job team!

4. Gong Xi Fa Cai! (that’s wishing your wealth to be ever increasing for our international friends) We had our training during the Chinese New Year 2014. A new twist of running around the track where we are split into 4 teams of 6. Each team takes one lane each, spread across the track and only one person has a baton. the runner will have to pass the baton to the next runner and which ever team that has the 1st runner receiving back the baton wins! it was a neck-to-neck finish for the teams. Mr Tan also awarded everyone an angbao!



5. our team competed in the Wings 2014 and came in 3rd made up of Banjamin Quek, Fabian Ng, Wilbert Ho, Jia Hao for the men open. our women team did not have the numbers to make up a team. but they raced as individuals! Keep up the spirit!



20140402-235240.jpg and our coach came down to support us! ^^

6. the famous akira swift run 2014! our team came in first for the men’s relay team open.

the team was made up for JiaHao, Joseph, Gary Ong, Boon Tat.

our team also won a rice cooker and a boiler from the lucky draw!

Well done everybody!!!

20140402-234632.jpgakira swift 2014

7. the last update for the year 2013/2014 is that JiaHao and Joseph completed a 21km run with a timing of 2hr10mins for Arts, Science and Densitry 85th Anniversary Charity held in 29 March supporting the handicapped in NUS. with 10 pledges for donations!


Great job guys!!

8. with the year coming to end, the committee handed over to the next batch for the year 2014/2015.

The new committee was set up:

FENG MENG KE, Captain (Male)
CHUA WAN PING, Captain (Female)
DOUGLAS CHONG, Vice-Captain (Male)
LAU JIA YEE, Vice-Captain (Female)
ARIEL TAN, Team Manager (Male/Female)

all the best for the new comm!

Go team NUS! Keep running!

Stay tuned with us because there will exciting updates coming up!





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