Inter-Varsity Polytechnic 2015

Hey fellow runners!

We have just concluded Inter-Varisty Polytechnic 2015 over 10th Jan, 14 Jan and 17 Jan. It was a tremendously tough challenge for all three days for our athletes and pushing their bodies to the limits. All the time and effort they have put in during the gruesome trainings have paid off. Although some of them did not made Podium Finishes due to injuries and unforseen circumstances, most of them accomplished Personal Bests! Every single race was adrenaline pumping and our team mates showed their upmost support for fellow peers running on the track.

While we compete in our fortes 800m and beyond, the Track and Field team also accomplished Personal bests.

Day 1

800m Men

800m Women

3000m Steeple Chase

Day 2

3000m Women

10,000m Men

Part 1:

Part 2:

Day 3

1500m Women

1500m Men

5000m Men

Part 1:

Part 2 :

400m x 4 Men

The Cross team extended our help to the Track and Field team in the 4 x 400m race! Amazing sprints!

What an awesome races they have done. NUS came up First for all three categories, Men, Women and Overall Champion! We have to thank our coaches, sports officer, fellow peers and also the alumni who set aside time to support the team despite their busy schedules. Hope to see the same or even better results next year!


Go teamNUS!

Keep Running!!

Cheers! =D


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